YouTube crashes on iOS 16 on iPhone? How to fix

For the past 20 hours, people around the world have been reporting YouTube crashing on iOS 16. Google Trend and Twitter are full of searches and reports on YouTube’s fix that keeps crashing on iPhone in iOS 16.

As an iPhone user, I also noticed the glitch in YouTube on iOS 16 with iPhone 13. Since the YouTube crashing iOS 16 issue reported by many users and even DownDetector showed more than 8000 users reported the problem. When we saw the sudden glitch in YouTube iOS app crashing, we came to help the users with the solution.

How to fix YouTube crashes on iOS 16 on iPhone

  1. Update YouTube app to the latest version or clear app caches to help users fix YouTube Crashing On iOS 16 issue on iPhones. So you can go to the App Store, tap on the profile and check for the new YouTube update. If you see a new update, tap the Update button to install the new update.
  2. Or you can clear YouTube app caches on iOS 16 using our previous guide on how to clear YouTube caches on iPhone to fix YouTube crashing issue.

The 13 hours, YouTube also tweeted about the global problem and started working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Within 3 hours of the tweet, they dropped another tweet about fixing YouTube app iOS crashing issue.

According to sources, the annoying YouTube not working on iOS 16 has been fixed. However, if you are still struggling with the same problem, share with us in the comment box.

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