You will soon be able to turn public photos on Instagram into roles

reel remix photo

Earlier this year, Meta-owned Instagram started allowing creators to use any public video content on the platform to remix in their roles. Now, the company has announced that anyone will soon be able to remix new photos and turn them into roles, as long as the photos are public on the platform.

In other words, Instagram creators will soon be able to use photos from all public accounts and use them in their Remix videos. The social media platforms said it will add the ability to “remix” public photos in Reels for short videos in “the coming weeks.”

Once the option goes live, all photo posts on Instagram will have the Remix feature enabled by default. However, users can manually disable this feature on individual photos or at the account level through the Settings menu.

It’s also important to note that for all photos shared before the new feature was enabled, the remix option is disabled by default. But users can enable it in the settings if they wish. Those who don’t want their photos and videos to be used in Reels should set their account to Private.

Currently, Instagram faces stiff competition from its competitor TikTok. To address TikTok, in addition to the above changes, Instagram has also announced that it is expanding the tools for Remix to provide more features for users and content creators. This includes Remix for Photos, Expanded Remix layouts, and the ability to add your own clips.

Remix for Photos allows users to remix all public photos. It gives users unlimited inspiration to create their own unique reel.

Expanded Remix layouts require users to choose between green screen, horizontal or vertical split screen, or picture-in-picture response to add their own video commentary to existing reels.

Furthermore, the ability to add your own clips allows users to add their own clip after the original to make a sequential recording.

In addition, Instagram has also updated templates. Users can now easily create roles by preloading audio and clip placeholders. They can easily add their own photos or video clips or find template ideas by tapping the camera icon on the Roles tab.

Finally, the social networking service has added a Dual function to the built-in Instagram camera, which allows users to record content and user comments at the same time. Users can record with their front and back cameras at the same time to share a different perspective.

Another change you can expect in the coming weeks is the conversion of video posts to roles, giving video posts a full screen experience. New video messages, which are less than 15 minutes in length, are converted to roles.

Videos posted before this change will remain as videos and will not become reels. Instagram will also consolidate the Video and Roles tab on the users’ profiles so that there is one home for all their videos.

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