Will the iPhone 14 have USB-C?

When will we get USB-C? Does iPhone 14 have USB-C? Apple users have been long awaited by the leaks that the company could introduce USB C with iPhone 14. But are there any rumors that are true? Let’s find out!

For a variety of gadgets, USB-C has emerged as the standard connector over the last five years of emerging technology. Most Android smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, headphones and even other gadgets like mouse, keyboards and external storage devices all use it. But USB-C has not yet been used for Apple’s most famous device, the iPhone. Instead, the Lightning connector, which debuted eight years ago with the iPhone 5, is still used by every generation of iPhone.

People are now wondering why Apple hasn’t switched to USB-C for the iPhone as it is known for being the first to adopt new standards. When iPhone 14 was announced, the rumors of USB-C with iPhone 14 also came to light. Apple users were finally happy with the change. But as we get closer to the launch of Apple Event 2022 of iOS 16 and iPhone 14, the fog surrounding their rumors becomes clearer.

Does iPhone 14 have USB-C?

Apple already has products that support USB-C for its other products. iPhone lineup is the only one that still lags in getting a USB-C port. Apple will stay on top of any rumours, so we can’t be sure about USB-C rumours either. What we know so far is that the iPhone 14 lineup has some major upgrades and new features, camera, design and much more. Recently, there was news that came to light about the iPhone 14 with a USB-C port. Much to our disappointment, the iPhone 14 lineup doesn’t have a USB-C port, but a Lightning port like other iPhone series. We’ll have to wait another year for iPhone 15 to launch, as the iPhone 15 is rumored to have USB-C instead of the iPhone 14 series. Time will tell whether these predictions actually come true or not.


Henceforth, who ever plans to buy iPhone 14 only for USB-C port, will have to wait another year, because iPhone 14 will not have USB-C and not only iPhone 14, other series of iPhone series – get up not a quick USB-C port either. We can only anticipate and pray that Apple will give us what we hoped for with the iPhone 14 lineup.

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