Will iOS 16 always show up?

There is a feature that has been present in Android devices for quite some time, which is why Apple is lagging behind in this game. The feature I’m talking about is always on display. Pretty much every Android device from mid-range to premium devices has this feature. In 2021, there were rumors that Apple may have been planning to introduce this feature in iPhone 13, but to our disappointment, that didn’t happen. Although this feature was introduced in Apple watches with watch series 5, iPhone was still waiting for this feature. Thankfully, this year, Apple has finally decided to give its user the much-anticipated Always on Display feature with the release of iOS 16 and iPhone 14 series in September.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, “I I’ve heard that iOS 16 will include support for an always-locked screen in the future, which is something Apple originally planned for last year’s iPhone 13.”

What is always on the iPhone?

One of the most famous features Always on Display, which has been quiet in the market for a while, has finally been introduced by Apple for its iOS users. Basically, this feature will show your screen even if your phone is locked. Limited information will be displayed on your screen such as time, date, notifications, weather, battery percentage etc. You can even customize it according to your preference.

Will iOS 16 Have Always on Display?

According to reports, iOS 16 will support an Always-on Display feature. The conversations in the market as we hear it say that this feature will only be limited to iPhone 14 Pro models and later. The feature would allow iPhone devices to display notifications and other clutter-free information on the screen without having to fully activate their screens.

As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, “this” would allow the iPhone to significantly lower the frame rate on the lock screen and quickly display at-a-glance information — similar to newer Apple Watches.”

Which iPhone device is compatible with the Always on Display feature?

What you need for an always visible screen on your iPhone is an OLED screen that can lower the refresh rate to 1 Hertz. Currently, no iPhone does that, so what’s likely there’s always a display feature isn’t coming on an older iPhone. there is also a possibility that it will be limited to the iPhone 14 pro model.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, “I’m told I can expect the always-on display mode exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models if the feature ever breaks.”

Always on the display eating away at battery life?

The Always-on display feature on iPhone is almost similar to Apple Watch. It’s practically the same. When Apple Watch moved to an always-on display, it had new sensors, drivers, and circuitry for the display. They all claim to use significantly less power than before and even with the 1 Hertz refresh rate it still had an impact on battery life, but it wasn’t much, about six percent. So it’s safe to say that an iPhone with a much larger battery can put down about the same amount of pixels without much impact on battery life.

Closing words:

Let’s not conclude yet whether other models except iPhone 14 Pro will get the Always on Display feature. But what is certain is that iOS 16 will have the Always on Display feature. We just have to wait for the official version of iOS 16 to come out. Let us know your thoughts on this feature in the comment section below.

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