Will Apple Fold iPhone 14?

Is Apple planning to release a foldable iPhone? Many people have been anticipating Apple’s release of a foldable iPhone. Foldable phones have been available for a while, but one major player is conspicuously absent from the market and that is, of course, Apple. Apple is never the first to release something, so that makes sense, but the competition is already piling up.

Samsung has unveiled third-generation versions of devices such as the Galaxy z fold and Galaxy z flip. Currently, Android devices are the only ones on the market that provide foldable smartphones, but this has its own advantages and disadvantages. Despite Apple’s official silence on the subject, we’ve learned a lot from several analyst leaks and several of Apple’s own patents highlighting a foldable phone running iOS.

Foldable iPhone from Apple

Rumors of a foldable iPhone first surfaced in the year 2016, there were talks about LG display for mass production of foldable display for smartphones and delivery to Apple. But that rumor was stopped with the release of the iPhone 7 series. In 2017, this rumor resurfaced, claiming that Apple was collaborating with the LG display to create a foldable iPhone. Every year we get these rumors about the foldable iPhone, but with the release of a new iPhone every September, those rumors are put to a halt. I’m sure a lot of people are anticipating foldable smartphones, but it seems there is still time before we get our hands on Apple’s foldable smartphone. There have been questions about the iPhone 14’s foldable screen, but I doubt that will happen this year.

Can we expect a foldable iPhone 14?

In the coming month of September, we expect the release of the new iPhone 14 with iOS 16 update. The most anticipating iPhone 14 device certainly has a lot of rumors going around especially about its design. Now we all know that Apple may be planning a foldable iPhone in the near future. And what better release of a foldable phone if not with iPhone 14. But there may be a minor setback for the foldable iPhone as we may not get a foldable iPhone with display this year.

Apple may have postponed the release of a foldable iPhone to 2025, as it is believed the company is in no rush to enter the foldable market yet.

There is room for improvement, but Apple still relies on the same technology, so developing a foldable iPhone can be a challenge for them. There may be issues with various aspects of making and using the device. Apple just wants to be sure, and I believe Apple is right about delaying the foldable phone; Not everyone needs a foldable phone. While it has its own advantages, everyone as an iOS user is currently used to the stock iPhone, and switching to a foldable phone may seem like a task for some users.


We can be sure that Apple is interested in folding technology and will not allow Samsung to monopolize the market alone. Going forward, in the coming years perhaps until 2025, we may see foldable smartphones from Apple. Until then, we’ll have to work our way through the basic iPhone design.

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