Why isn’t my FaceTime working?

FaceTime allows Apple iPhone users to join video conferencing without any hassle. But considering how useful the app has made people’s lives, not being able to use the app means you’ll end up in an awkward situation.

But why is the FaceTime app suddenly not working and what can you do to fix the problem? We have seen many users complain that FaceTime is not working. Even they don’t know why FaceTime not working and how to fix it.

9 Reasons Why FaceTime Isn’t Working

Sometimes the most common reason why your FaceTime is probably not working is because of an operating system or software issue. And the easiest way to fix this is to turn off the iPhone and then turn it back on.

This will temporarily reset the device so you can fix common software issues.

  • Date and time issues

Another reason why the FaceTime app may not work properly is due to an incorrect date and time on your iPhone. If your date and time are set to manual settings, chances are you are having issues with FaceTime and even some of the other communication-based applications.

You can find the date and time settings under System Preferences in the iPhone settings. Check whether the date and time have the “Set Automatically” function enabled or not.

While it may sound far-fetched, there are certain countries where FaceTime is not available. If that’s the case in your country of residence, chances are you won’t be able to open the app normally.

For a comprehensive understanding, you can check out Apple’s service page to see where FaceTime can be accessed.

Since FaceTime takes place over the internet, make sure your connected iPhone has a fast or at least decent internet connection so that you can connect to someone via the video call.

If there are common network issues, chances are you will have trouble connecting with the other person on the line.

If you are connecting through a FaceTime group chat, there may be issues with the group chat settings. Sometimes a technical setting in the group chat settings can be a possible reason why you can’t connect with the other person on FaceTime.

What we suggest you do is check the individual chats and see if the FaceTime call goes smoothly. If it’s normal with individual chats and doesn’t work with the group chat, you probably need to change the settings there.

FaceTime apps can have bugs individually if you haven’t updated the app in a long time. In such cases, we recommend that you check for available updates for the app. If options are available, you should immediately update the app from your Settings.

You can find the updates in the iPhone settings. Go to System Preferences and tap Software Update to see if you have iOS updates available or not.

  • Camera or microphone issues

Another possible reason why your FaceTime is not working could be due to a faulty camera or microphone in the iPhone. The best way to check that is to test the camera and microphone separately. If the apps work seamlessly, you can rest assured that the problem is not with these items.

However, if the camera and microphone are not working properly for other cases, you need to fix the issues first before you can use them for FaceTime.

  • Check content and privacy restrictions

If your FaceTime is disabled under the content and privacy restrictions, that could be another possible reason why the FaceTime isn’t working. You need to check the status in your iPhone settings and under System Preferences on the computers.

Navigate to Content & Privacy Restrictions and double check whether FaceTime is enabled or not.

The last on the list of possible reasons why your FaceTime is not working is due to firewall blocking. Sometimes there are certain firewalls integrated into the iPhone, which may prevent you from using the FaceTime app. You must unblock the firewalls to use the FaceTime app again.


These are some of the most effective and potential walls in which you can solve the problems why your FaceTime app is not working. Make sure to identify what the problem is before trying to fix it.

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