Why is my WhatsApp Business not working on iPhone?

With over 2 billion WhatsApp Business users around the world, this app is one of the best platforms to increase sales and customer relationships to grow the business and improve revenue. What if WhatsApp Business stops working? What is WhatsApp Business not working on iPhone? What crashes WhatsApp Business on iPhone?

Yes, we are talking about what questions, and many of the users from all over the world got the problem that WhatsApp Business not working on iPhone. Many users reported that WhatsApp business crashed after an update on the iPhone issue on Twitter. Let’s take a look at the Tweets.

Once people started complaining about the WhatsApp not working iPhone bug, we also tried to get into the case and found WhatsApp crashed on iPhone after 22.13.74 update. When a user tries to open WhatsApp Business, the screen goes blank and the app closes.

Can restart WhatsApp business crashing iPhone issue be solved?

Many users tried to fix WhatsApp Business crash on iPhone after 22.13.74 update by restarting iPhone. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for the users as the issue has been extended with the latest WhatsApp22.13.74 update.

Can reinstalling the app fix the WhatsApp Business not working iPhone issue?

Some users have also tried uninstalling the current version of the app and reinstalling the app. But still it didn’t work for the users as no new app version is available yet.

How to fix WhatsApp Business not opening on iPhone issue?

Since several users reported that WhatsApp was not working on iPhones after the 22.13.74 update and many have sent an email to the WhatsApp Business Support team, we can expect the new WhatsApp Business update to fix the crashing issue. Keep an eye out for the new update to fix the issue to resolve the issue.

Still getting WhatsApp crashes with iOS issues? Have you tried a solution? If you come across working keys, please share them with us in the comments section.

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