Why is Microsoft phasing out SwiftKey for iOS?

SwiftKey is without a doubt one of the most popular keyboard applications available for both Android and iOS devices.

However, recent updates suggest that Microsoft will discontinue updates to SwiftKey’s iOS app and remove it from the Apple App Store as well. The news came from a statement from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley.

Chris Wolfe, SwiftKey’s director of product management, further confirmed the news, saying that Microsoft’s update to the SwiftKey iOS will stop completely from October 5, 2022 and that the app will also be permanently removed from the App Store.

However, Wolfe further confirmed that Microsoft will not stop updates and support for the Android version of the app. The iOS users who have installed SwiftKey on their devices can use the app normally. However, once removed from iPhone, it cannot be reinstalled from another location.

The last update to the SwiftKey iOS was in August 2022. None of the updates were monumental or included updated features. Instead, most of these updates were for bug fixes, security, and performance improvements.

Microsoft acquired SwiftKey for a whopping $250 million and included the Android and iOS versions and the underlying technologies incorporated therein.

The availability of third-party keyboard apps on iOS came with the iOS 8 update in 2014. While a series of common restrictions apply to this day, the accessibility of third-party apps like SwiftKey was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise limited functionality of an iPhone.

With Microsoft permanently ceasing updates to SwiftKey iOS, it’s not surprising that users will now have to switch back to the default or native keyboard instead of relying on the third-party apps as the users did until now.

Watch this space for more updates on iOS devices and features.

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