Why does iOS 16.1.1 battery drain quickly?

Since the release of iOS 16, there have been many complaints about iPhones battery drain. With the release of iOS 16.1.1, this issue should be resolved as the main purpose of iOS 16.1.1 was to fix the issues that iOS 16 brought with it. Users used many platforms like Twitter, Apple support forum and Reddit to convey their concerns about iOS 16.1.1 battery consumption which has become faster than usual.

“My 13 Pro is now also draining so quickly since the update to 16.1.1.”

If you are also having issues with battery draining faster than usual after updating to iOS 16.1.1, let me tell you that you are not alone. Most of the complaints came from users using iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, although other iPhone models have been affected. The question remains why iOS 16.1.1 causes the battery to drain faster than usual.

“IOS 16.1.1 iPhone Battery Drains: My Iphone 13 Pro Max battery drains much faster after IOS 16.1.1. It was already draining faster after previous IOS 16 iterations, but it’s much worse now with the latest update. Does anyone else have this problem? Why is iOS 16 so problematic for so many iPhones?

Changes due to software update:

Have you noticed that when Apple releases a new update, battery drain is the first thing that pops up as a problem? It is true that battery life is affected by the software update, not because the update is faulty, but because of the changes it brings to your device. It may take some time for your device to adjust to the new update and adapt the new features. This can affect your battery life. The same could have happened with iOS 16.1.1. Since Apple released such a major update, it’s pretty convincing that this could be the reason.

New features that drain the battery faster:

There are many features that came along with iOS 16.1.1, and some of them drain the battery faster. Apple had already told us about the keyboard’s haptic feature and had clearly stated that while this feature is enabled, there is a chance that your battery will drain faster. So it might be better to disable the keyboard haptics if you don’t need to use it.

The new widgets:

IOS 16.1.1 may have bugs and issues, but battery drain is a different kind of problem. It is wise to also take into account that the widgets on your lock screen and live wallpaper consume battery life. Live activities, widgets and live wallpaper like Astronomy use your device’s live location causing your device to lose battery.

Shortage of storage space:

Running low on storage space on your iPhone always affects the performance of your device. If your storage space is almost full, your iPhone may run slower. If the performance of your device is not up to par, it means that the battery life is also affected. It is advisable to empty the storage and remove unwanted applications, media and files if not necessary to improve the performance of your device.

To conclude:

Much to the user’s disappointment, there is nothing we can do as this problem came with a software update and the problem is not really with your device’s hardware. There are a ton of options you can disable from the settings app that can help you avoid battery draining so quickly, though it doesn’t really help here as the problem persists.

Let us know in the comment box below if you are also experiencing battery issues and if you have tried any of the solutions to avoid draining your battery.

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