Which devices will get iOS 16?

Apple’s most anticipated and advanced iOS 16 launched at the WWDC 2022 event on June 6. The show kicks off with iOS 16’s incredible lock screen customization feature and many more every wish to get on their iPhone. Ever since Apple released the new iOS 16, iOS geeks have been wondering which iPhones support the iOS 16 update.

Last year, when Apple announced the iOS 15 update, the company cut support for iOS 15 for iPhone 6. And this year? Will iPhone 6S get iOS 16? Will iPhone 7 get iOS 16? Many iPhone users want to know whether their device supports iOS 16 or not. However, the iOS 16 public update will be released in September 2022. But users will be able to download iOS 16 public beta in July. Though the user should know which iPhone is compatible with iOS 16 update. Let’s take a look at the list of iOS 16 compatible devices.

List of iOS 16 Supported iPhones

  1. iPhone 14 Series (September)
  2. iPhone 13
  3. iPhone 13 mini
  4. iPhone 13 Pro
  5. iPhone 13 Pro Max
  6. iPhone 12
  7. iPhone 12 mini
  8. iPhone 12 Pro
  9. iPhone 12 Pro Max
  10. iPhone 11
  11. iPhone 11 Pro
  12. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  13. iPhone XS
  14. iPhone XS Max
  15. iPhone XR
  16. iPhone X
  17. iPhone 8
  18. iPhone 8 Plus
  19. iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

Will iPhone 7 get iOS 16?

This year, Apple has removed support for iPhone 7 from the iOS 16 update. Therefore, iPhone 7 users cannot download iOS 16 on their iPhone models.

Will iPhone 6s get iOS 16?

Also, iPhone 6S will not get iOS 16 updates as Apple has also dropped support for iOS 16 update on iPhone 6S models.

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