Which devices support iPadOS 16?

With the iPhone 14 launch date approaching, users are not only excited about the launch of the new iPhone, but also excited about the launch of iPad OS 16.

The upcoming iPadOS 16 comes with a variety of free-form collaboration apps, in addition to new email and messaging features. In addition, there will be a few new improvements to the Files app, in addition to the Weather app and a plethora of multitasking experiences.

But if you’re curious about whether or not the upcoming iPadOS 16 will run on your iPad, this article will walk you through the list of all compatible devices.

List of compatible devices for iPad OS 16

If you are not sure whether your iPad OS 16 is compatible with various models, including:

  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad (5th generation and later)
  • iPad Mini (5th generation and later)

The above list is available from the official Apple Store, so you can rest assured that you can rely on the information available.

iPad OS 16 features do not work on all iPads

Another important factor worth investigating is that despite offering an exclusive list of compatible devices, not all iPad OS 16 features will be available on every available iPad model.

Some features of iPadOS 16 are only available in the iPad models with M1 chipset and above. Stage Manager integration will also be limited to some extent in certain models, further adding to the drawbacks.

So it suggests that if you don’t have iPadOS 16 with the M1 chipset, chances are most of the upgradeable features won’t be available. The beta version of iPadOS 16 is now available. Are you excited to finally get your hands on the new iPadOS 16 version?

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