Where is Do Not Disturb on iPhone on iOS 16?

If you have updated your iOS software to the latest version of iOS 16 and you are confused about using the Do Not Disturb feature, you are not alone.

The DND feature on iOS 16 no longer exists. Does that mean you can’t turn off calls and notifications when you’re deep in your work? Well, that’s not the case at all. The DND feature on iOS 16 is now called “Focus”.

So, if you want to enable the DND feature to mute incoming calls and notifications, you need to access the same through the Focus feature. This article will explore more about that.

Where is the Focus feature on iOS 16?

If you’re looking for the Focus feature on iOS 16, unsurprisingly, you’ll struggle to find it.

The exclusive feature is available in your iPhone settings. All you need to do is open Settings and then search for “Focus”. It is an independent function in the settings.

Under Focus, you can create different Focus profiles including Do Not Disturb, Drive, Personal, etc. Which one you choose depends entirely on what you find most comfortable.

What are the features of Focus on iOS 16?

Under the Focus option on iOS 16, users have a lot of freedom to change various settings, including allow or block notifications, mute calls, etc.

Some of the most notable features worth exploring include:

  • Allow or block notifications – On this basis, users have the autonomy to customize the list of people they want to receive notifications from, especially when their iPhone is in Focus mode. There are also options to block notifications under the Do Not Disturb profile under Focus.
  • Allow or mute calls – Not just for notifications, the feature also works equally well for allowing or muting some incoming calls. Under Phone Calls, there are options such as “Allow calls from”, which you can customize to suit your needs. You can customize it according to the list of people from whom you want to receive calls.
  • Allow or mute app notifications – Another important Focus feature that deserves a mention is turning off the app notifications. You can check the notifications under Apps in your iPhone settings. In the “Allow notifications from” section, you need to check the apps you want to receive notifications from and the apps you don’t want to receive notifications from. It also has an exclusive feature like “Time Sensitive Notification” that you can check as well.
  • Schedule Notifications – If you want to manually schedule your notifications, you can do the same through the “Add schedule” option under the Time tab in your iPhone settings. The custom time allows you to keep your notifications enabled only during that time period.

If you want to use the Do Not Disturb feature on iOS 16, we hope you have an idea of ​​all the features available with the Focus feature.

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