When will iOS 16 public beta be released?

In early June, Apple took the virtual stage to announce the next major release of iOS 16, and in Apple’s classic tradition, the developer betas were made available on the same day. Apple also hinted that eager fans may be able to jump in early with the iOS 16 public beta release. 3 developer beta version has already been released. You can check out all the features in beta 3 for developers of iOS 16 by clicking the link. iOS 16 developers beta 3 changes

Apple has already released all the keynotes and we are all so excited to get our hands on the new software release and be able to use all those features. We’re all really excited about it, aren’t we? The biggest news, of course, was iOS 16 and the exciting new iPhone features that Apple has added to its mobile operating system. At the WWDC event in June, Apple introduced iOS 16 and, as usual, a developer beta was made available the same day as the new version was unveiled.

Some new iOS 16 features have already been revealed in the developer version. iOS 16 includes a slew of exciting new features that we’re all eagerly awaiting; however, the actual version of iOS 16 won’t be available until September. September still has time, but some of us can’t wait to get our hands on the public beta of iOS 16. But when will Apple release the first iOS 16 beta for download?

When will the iOS 16 public beta come out?

While Apple hasn’t announced a specific date yet, we may be able to infer one by looking at the release patterns of previous iOS public betas. Previously, the public beta was normally released in June; the iOS 12 public beta released on June 25, 2018, and the iOS 13 public beta released on June 24, 2019. However, due to the pandemic, Apple had to move their WWDC event from early June to late June in 2020. As a result, on July 9, iOS 14 public beta released in 2020. Last year iOS 15 was released on June 30, 2021, a day earlier than expected. Previously, we predicted that iOS 16 public beta could be released around 7e from July. But that’s not the current scenario. With the developer beta 3 iOS 16 released, we expect it to be available around July 12, 2022, we can’t give a precise July release date yet. This is of course just a conjecture, but we’ll update this section if Apple confirms it.

Not only do developers have the scoop on all new software when it launches. Regular users can also access the developer beta. Users interested in installing developer beta on their iOS devices can enroll in the Apple Developer Program, which costs $99 per year in the United States. Those who don’t want to register as developers can join Apple’s free beta software program, which will give them access to public betas when they become available in July.

Keep in mind that downloading the developer beta or public beta on your current iOS device may lead to various bugs, battery drain, data loss and other issues. Some programs may not work properly on your iOS device.

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