When will iOS 16.3 be released in 2023?

When will iOS 16.3 be released? This question has been asked by thousands of iPhone users since the release of iOS 16.2 on December 13. Using the new Apple Music sing, Freeform app, 5G service with iOS 16.2 is fun. I had a great time on New Year’s Eve because iOS 16.2 helped me have the best Karaoke night with my friends and family.

As we enter the new 2023, I am also looking forward to the next iOS 16.3 release to try what Apple is adding for iPhone users with the 2023 first release update.

iOS 16.3 release date

The iOS 16.3 release date is around February 7 or 8, 2023 as Apple is currently testing the iOS 16.3 beta update. iOS 16.3 beta testing has already begun, and the next iOS 16.3 beta has arrived on January 9. This will be followed by iOS 16.2 beta 3 on January 16, followed by iOS 16.3 beta 4 on January 23.

iOS 16.3 RC release date

After the release of iOS 16.3 beta 4 on January 23, the next iOS 16.3 RC update couple will appear on January 30, 2023.

iOS 16.3 features

  • Support for physical security keys (two-factor strong authentication)
  • New Handoff user interface
  • New splash screen in Apple Music Sing
  • New splash screen in Translate and Siri
  • 16.3 Change email ‘Remind me’ functionality
  • Daily request for iPhone passcode verification, only on iPhone 11
  • Airplay and “Control other devices” have better continuity
  • Request to buy notifications sent via iMessage

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