WhatsApp testing document sharing feature ETA

WhatsApp Document Sharing ETA

WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most popular instant messaging apps. It is used for texting, sharing photos and videos, documents and contacts, and more.

One of the latest features to come to WhatsApp is a visual indication of the document sharing ETA for document sharing in the messaging app.

WhatsApp is testing ETA for sharing documents

WhatsApp is constantly improving its game in terms of feature updates. The recently spotted feature on WhatsApp Android beta client v2.22.8.11 gives a glimpse into an upcoming feature that shows ETA when downloading shared documents.

It adds both the percentage downloaded and the time it takes (also known as ETA) for the document to be completely downloaded on your device.

This feature is currently available in WhatsApp beta versions with v22.8.0.74 on iOS and v2.22.811 on Android devices. It is currently available for v2.2209.3 of WhatsApp desktop.

WhatsApp Document Sharing ETA

Apparently WhatsApp is testing a feature that allows it to share files up to 2 GB, which is currently not possible. The test is still ongoing for selected users in Argentina.

The users get the ETA for both the downloads and the uploads, giving them an exact idea of ​​how much time it takes for the document to be uploaded or downloaded on the platform.

WhatsApp expands with a range of upcoming features

According to the various updates to its beta clients, the instant messaging app is currently testing a feature that allows voice messages to be played in the background. Another feature in the testing phase is emoji reactions and a new camera interface that will replace the recently rolled out WhatsApp interface.

It remains to be seen when exactly these features will be available on WhatsApp (stable version), so you will have to keep a tab on this website to know more.

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