WhatsApp rolls out banner alerts, mute feature on group voice calls


WhatsApp recently rolled out the latest update to one of its most popular features, group conversations. This upgrade adds three exciting new features to group calling to improve the voice calling experience for millions of users.

The three new features added to group conversations include a notification sent to the group call host when more people join large conversations, the ability to mute specific people who forget to mute themselves, or mute someone whose background noise is bothering everyone during a group conversation and message select participants in the conversation.

“Some new features for group conversations on @WhatsApp. You can now mute or message certain people in a conversation (great if someone forgets to mute themselves!), and we’ve added a handy indicator to make it easier to see when more people are joining big conversations,” Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp at Meta, announced on Twitter on Friday.

Let’s take a closer look at the three new group calling features:

WhatsApp now displays a banner notification in a group chat to let users know that someone has joined halfway through the group chat. The banner notification appears on the screen of the existing participants and says “X joined the conversation”.

“This way, you’ll know when a new person joins and who they are, even if you’re on a call and the person isn’t one of the names on your screen,” the company said.

This feature is useful, especially when there is a group conversation with a large number of participants, as the details of only a few participants at a time are displayed on the screen.

Mute Select users on group voice calls

This feature allows participants in a WhatsApp group call to selectively mute others on group voice calls. This feature is useful when a participant has forgotten to mute themselves or when the group conversation is disturbed by background noise or echo in the room or office, and also when participants are unable to mute themselves or end the conversation.

Send messages to participants during group conversations

WhatsApp now allows users to message specific participants as they continue the group conversation. If they want to quickly message just one person in a WhatsApp group conversation without alerting the others, they can do so seamlessly without missing the ongoing conversation of the conversation and without disrupting the flow or context of the entire group conversation itself.

The latest update comes just after WhatsApp recently extended the group call limit to 32 people in a single call in April this year. Previously, Meta’s messaging platform allowed only 8 participants at a time to join a group video call.

In addition to the upgrade to the group calling, WhatsApp also announced on Friday that users can now choose which contacts from their contact list can see their profile picture, about and last seen status on the platform.

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