WhatsApp Business crashes on iPhone after 22.13.74: how to fix it?

When WhatsApp Business was launched, it was a boon for small businesses to grow the business while nurturing customer and store relationships through the app. By the time every company started using the app, it was mandatory for every company. But sometimes WhatsApp Business starts to crash on iPhone.

It would be a big problem if WhatsApp suddenly stopped working on iPhones. Unfortunately, the same is happening to the users since the new WhatsApp Business 22.13.74 update was rolled out. Yes, you heard it right and WhatsApp Business no longer works on iPhone after version 22.13.74.

Many users dropped their complaints on Twitter about WhatsApp Business crashing on iPhone. According to them, those with iPhones that have updated WhatsApp Business to the latest 22.13.74 will face the problem of WhatsApp Business not opening.

According to the users, when they try to open the app, WhatsApp Business Force closes on iPhone, and sometimes WhatsApp Business makes iPhone screen black. It has been two days since the new WhatsApp Business update rolled out and people are still dealing with WhatsApp Business Crashing issue on iPhones.

Can I Fix WhatsApp Business Crashing iPhone Problem Now?

Many users have tried to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp Business app and unfortunately it doesn’t work. Also, many have restarted their iPhone to get rid of this WhatsApp Business problem but it didn’t work that well.

Is there any working method to fix WhatsApp Business Crashing iPhone issue?

Since the problem is widespread and for the users with WhatsApp Business 22.13.74, we can expect the new minor update of WhatsApp Business to solve this problem. So keep an eye on the App Store to check for the new WhatsApp Business update.

Check out these Tweets from the users about WhatsApp company not working on iPhone:

While there is no official way to fix WhatsApp Business iPhone issue, if you find a solution to fix this annoying problem, you can share it with us in the comment box.

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