WhatsApp adds many new group features and communities on board

WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp just got an inch better. The instant messaging app has announced the inclusion of WhatsApp communities and a few new features that will be coming to the “WhatsApp groups” section. Here’s more about it.

WhatsApp launches communities

WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp is working to become bigger than life with its Communities feature. The new feature allows participants to stay up to date with posts coming from the community they’re part of. It will have a larger list of features than groups where like-minded people can gather. It brings with it features such as admin rights such as who can be added and how the announcement posts/posts are posted within the community.

Once the feature is available to the masses, users will be able to join communities of their schools, restaurants, NGOs, local clubs and others without any problem.

WhatsApp Groups gets new features

WhatsApp voice calls

Even the WhatsApp Groups section has gone jetpacked with an assortment of features. The four new features that have been added are admin removal, file sharing, large voice calls, and responses.

With the larger voice calls, users of the instant messaging platform now get options to call 32 members in a group conversation at the same time. It was previously locked to 4 and then it was upgraded to 8. With 32 members on a single voice call, the UI has been tweaked and now looks well organized.

Admins now have the right to remove or delete unwanted or erroneous messages from the chats. It will be removed for everyone. Apart from that, there is a file sharing feature that WhatsApp has been working on. Here, users can share files up to 2 GB with relative ease.

Finally, there is a Comments feature that allows users to send emoji responses without adding unwanted messages to the group. Speaking of the rollout, although these features have been announced, it will still be a few days/weeks before the rollout can start. As usual, the features come first in the beta app, followed by the stable app.

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