What’s New on iOS 15.6

We are all waiting for the next big update of iOS 16, I know I am, but before that there are very few minor versions of the iOS 15 update left. Apple is very busy this time of year preparing for its biggest event WWDC 2022, but not busy leaving users without updates. iOS 15.6 is the next version of iOS 15 that we are going to get. Non-beta users received the final versions of iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, and macOS 12.4 earlier this week. With the iOS and iPadOS 15.6 Developer Beta, we’re already getting a first look at what the next release has to offer.

iPhone owners should expect more than just bug fixes and security patches. It may also include new features. Apple is working on bug fixes and laying the groundwork for future updates. At the time of writing, there are no official changelog notes to talk about for the iPad. Apple has not officially announced the release date of iOS 15.6, which could take several weeks. You can try an early version of the software on your iPhone now if you don’t want to wait for the stable release.

iOS 15.6 follows on the heels of iOS 15.5, which included some notable upgrades, such as the addition of Apple Pay Cash to the Wallet app and the introduction of a new “Apple Account Card.” In iOS 15.5 beta, Apple Podcast got a new feature to limit the number of episodes on your iPhone.

The improvements in iOS 15.6 beta 2 are not that important. Fixed some remaining issues, as well as some changes here and there. Here’s a list of what iPhones will get with the iOS 15.6 update.

What’s New on iOS 15.6

  • Apple Cash customers can now send and receive money from their Apple Cash card with Wallet.
  • Apple Podcasts now includes a new feature that allows you to limit the number of episodes on your iPhone and delete older ones automatically.
  • Apple may have fixed an issue where home automation activated by people arriving or departing could fail.
  • This update fixes an issue that could cause the iPhone SE (3rd generation) to shut down unexpectedly.
  • An iOS issue resulted in Apple Music kicking other applications off the menu while reinstalling the Apple Music app from the App Store. This issue will be fixed in iOS 15.6 beta 2 and the app will now be displayed on the home screen instead.

These are the current rumors about iOS 15.6. If you’ve heard of any other feature or bug fixes in iOS 15.6, do let us know in the comment section below.

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