What’s New on iOS 15.6?

With iOS 16 only a few weeks away from its release, Apple still has plans for iOS 15. I know we’re all waiting for the big release of iOS 16 right now, but until the time of release, we have to follow the path set by Apple. has been turned off. Apple started testing iOS 15.6, iPadOS 15.6, just days after iOS 15.5 was released. The most recent report we discovered about iOS 15.6, which is now in development but expected to be released in the coming weeks, seems to resolve this issue that users have on iOS 15. on iOS 16, which Apple introduced at WWDC in June. We don’t foresee any major new features in iOS 15.6, and none were discovered during the beta testing phase. Instead, it looks like this is mainly a bug patch and just a security update release.

What’s New on iOS 15.6

So no significant new features have been discovered in the iOS 15.6 beta yet. This version seems to focus mainly on bug fixes and security improvements. According to Aaron Zollo on Twitter, the iOS 15.6 beta fixes an issue that caused Apple Music to be added to the dock and replace Spotify and other applications when downloaded. We can call by saying that there are no new features that we will get with iOS 15.6, just some bugs and security fixes.

Here is the list of fixes that we might expect to get with the iOS 15.6 update.

  • Apple Music: There was an issue where Apple Music would launch other apps while reinstalling from the App Store. This issue will be fixed in iOS 15.6 beta 2 and the app will now be displayed on the home screen instead.
  • Accessibility: Apple teased a number of improvements that came to its devices for World Accessibility Day later this year in May, and we assume iOS 15.6 will have some of them. The most compelling accessibility improvements Apple has unveiled include Live Captions for social networking and video applications, including FaceTime, which enable real-time captioning for anyone with hearing disabilities.
  • Siri: A Siri pause time lets you control how long Siri waits before responding to you, useful if you have a speech problem.
  • Door Detection: A door detection feature that uses sensors on Apple devices to alert users to doors when they are in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Shortcuts are also mentioned in the beta, which could mean we get at least minor changes and fixes in this.
  • Furthermore, iOS 15.6 seems to offer an option to disable the emoji search button from the default keyboard.

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