What’s New in iOS 16.1 Beta 3?

With the recent launch of iOS 16 on September 12, 2022, Apple is all set to surprise its users with a minor release of iOS 16.1. However, as every time, the brand does not want to risk introducing an update that does not meet the expectations of the user.

As Apple gears up for this minor release, the brand has already introduced three public beta versions of this new operating system to its registered developers. Currently we have access to iOS 16.1 Public Beta 3.

If you’re curious about this new iOS 16.1 public beta and want to learn more about the kinds of features available, we’ve sorted all the information in this guide for you.

What do users get with iOS 16.1?

Since iOS 16.1 is a minor release after the official launch of iOS 16, we strongly advise users not to have too many expectations of this new iOS version.

But that aside, here’s a list of the features available with the third public beta of iOS 16.1.

1. Live Activities

This is a real-time widget feature on the lock screen that allows iPhone users to stay informed about what’s going on around them.

2. Live Activity API

Another important feature that the users can access with the iOS 16.1 Public Beta 3 is the Live Activities API. This is an ideal feature for sports enthusiasts who want to track the progress of a sporting event, the progress of a ride, etc. The developer API will further refine the live activities feature with iOS 16.1.

3. Apple Wallet Can Be Removed

Since its release, the new public beta 3 of iOS 16.1 provides the option for users to remove the Apple Wallet from the device for good. This has consequences because users will not be able to use associated apps such as Apple Pay, Apple Cash, etc.

4. Matter Support

This particular feature was introduced with the first public beta of iOS 16.1, but it seems that the same has been removed from the settings with the public beta 3. Whether the same will make a comeback with another beta version is something we’ll have to look forward to. nasty.

5. iCloud Shared Photo Library

This particular feature came with iOS 16 and it looks like Apple will continue to refine the feature with the minor release of iOS 16.1. This allows iPhone users to share the albums with up to 6 people, making it easier to share photos without any hassle.

6. Clean Energy Charging

With clean energy charging, Apple is working to reduce its carbon footprint by optimizing the charging times of its iPhone.


With so many different releases with the iOS 16.1 Public beta 3, it’s not surprising that developers are currently testing the iOS 16.1 to discern any drawbacks of the operating system. Since this is the third public beta for developers, we can also expect the standard public beta for normal users to come out soon.

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