What’s new in iOS 16.0.2? Features and bug fixes

iOS 16 is now available for users to download on their compatible devices. Unsurprisingly, the software update contains numerous bugs and glitches. Whenever an update is released, there are usually some issues that are later resolved by releasing newer versions of iOS that help to fix all the issues. If you are facing major problems after installing iOS 16, don’t worry; this is completely normal. While users didn’t expect iOS 16 to have so many bugs, it still does. To put things in perspective, Apple recently released iOS 16.0.2 to the general public to address some major bugs affecting the new iPhone 14 series and other devices.

The update is just over 350 megabytes in size on the iPhone 14 Pro; the size may vary depending on the iPhone model you are using. The building number of this update is 208380.

So, what’s new in iOS 16.0.2? Let’s see.

A patch for the massive iPhone 14 Pro bug that made headlines this weekend and earlier this week. According to Apple, an issue has been fixed where the camera shakes and causes blurry photos when shooting with third-party apps on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. At first, people thought it was a standard issue with the iPhone 14 series, but Apple quickly responded and stated that it is a bug that will be fixed in a software update.

a fix for the copy and paste error, possibly the most disturbing bug in iOS 16. According to Apple, copying and pasting between apps may lead to more permission prompts than expected. Fortunately, that has been the case.

This update also addresses an issue where touch input on some iPhone 10, iPhone 10r, and iPhone 11 displays became unresponsive after servicing. In other words, you were unable to use your touchscreen, which appears to be a software bug that has been fixed with this update.

According to Apple, the screen may appear completely black while setting up the device, but this was just a bug in iOS 16. As a result, the iOS 16.0.2 update will fix this issue.

Meanwhile, iOS 16.1 Beta 2 is now available and includes a battery indicator that updates dynamically, similar to that found on Android devices. In October, the public will be able to download iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.

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