What is iOS 15 Email Marketing? How to use

When iOS 15 launched with its new privacy and security updates in 2021, there were rumors among email marketers that this update release could bring an end to email marketing. But given that Apple Mail and Apple mobile devices account for more than 35% of email providers’ global market share, those concerns didn’t seem too far-fetched. With the release of the iOS 15 email changes, the way you use email open rates may change.

What is iOS 15 Email Marketing?

The update included Mail Privacy Protection, which allows users to protect their email activity by prohibiting third-party marketing companies from collecting tracking data. With the Mail Protection Policy, your email marketing campaign needs some improvements in order to continue functioning. To do this, you must first recognize that such adjustments are inevitable.

There are three major changes in iOS 15 that affect your email marketing campaigns. Mail Privacy Protection, which iOS 15 users must enable, reduces the accuracy of email open rates by removing email trackers and hiding your customers’ IP addresses. iCloud+ will have a new ‘Private Relay’ feature that will prohibit you from tracking Safari users on your website. Hide My Email allows your customers to replace their real email address with a proxy address that they can change at any time. The main impact of iOS 15 on email marketing is that you can no longer track who and how many customers open your emails. This means that for iOS 15 users, your current email opening benchmarks should be updated based on historical data.

How to use?

Fortunately, there are some changes you can make to your email marketing strategy to ensure you continue to get a good ROI.

  • Email marketers need to develop new customer groups composed solely of iOS 15 users and isolate email performance for these categories. This allows you to properly set new benchmarks and leave your other customers’ data unchanged.
  • It would be nice if you paid more attention to analytics and insights to deliver the right email communication, which would result in more clicks and higher conversion. Use your consumer behavior on your app or website to deliver relevant emails.
  • iOS 15’s email upgrades will improve your segmentation practices in our opinion. Creating customer groups based on your consumers’ personalities, lives, beliefs and preferences is becoming increasingly important.
  • Filter consumers who book taxi rides through your mobile app at least 40% of the time between 10 a.m. and noon, so you can send emails with special coupons during the same time period.
  • Find the bottom 20% of your customers who book hotels during the week and provide them with email incentives to encourage weekend bookings.
  • Look at the top 10% of your consumers who read political news and send them breaking news alerts by email.
  • Because Apple removes all email trackers from your email when your consumer accesses it through the Mail app on iOS 15 devices, you should rethink your location-based marketing efforts.
  • Current email benchmarks and targets need updating
  • Replace email open rate as the primary measure of email marketing effectiveness by sending emails with relevant content to the right customer base based on activities done within your product.
  • Create segments based on your customers’ personalities, lifestyles, opinions, and preferences.

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