What is Firebase iOS SDK?

If you’re an iOS app developer, you’ll be excited about the new Firebase iOS SDK and its implications for streamlining the user experience, especially when it comes to usability and efficiency of the apps.

Recent reports suggest that developers can now feed their iOS applications to Firebase with the all-new SDK. It not only streamlines the app development process, but also provides timely updates in addition to automatic scaling. It will be especially useful for app developers in Objective C.

What is the significance of the new Firebase iOS SDK?

To date, Apple has sold millions of iPhones and nearly 80,000 apps are officially available on Apple’s App Store. Despite the high number, most of these apps fall short when it comes to the user communication aspect.

What most of these apps lack are collaboration features and those that manage to include them don’t offer timely and tailored updates, which hurts usability quite a bit.

Most users of such apps have to rely on the “pull to refresh” feature to stay up to date with the latest posts in the app. With the help of the Firebase iOS SDK, the developers can make this unnecessary. This allows the users to be consistently updated automatically with the latest updates.

With Firebase, the developers also have an easier app development experience. It helps act as backend support, reducing the need for server support. The iOS SDK provides storage options using a simple login process, which also makes user authentication a lot easier.

Firebase iOS SDK for optimal mobile use

Using the Firebase iOS SDK disables unreliable network connections to ensure stable app performance without complaints. It also maintains a local cache of the data for easy and streamlined access.

Even if the network connections are bad, the Firebase apps will remain functional and will automatically resync until the network is available again.


If you are an iOS app developer and feel lost or confused about the Firebase iOS SDK, we hope this article gives you all the insights you may need to better understand the basics. With more and more updates, chances are the tool will feature many more improvements and accessibility in the future. Until then, the new iOS SDK should streamline your app development without complaint.

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