What is AWS CodeBuild iOS? How to use on iPhone

What is AWS CodeBuild iOS?

AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed cloud build service. It allows you to build your source code, help you run unit tests, and generate artifacts for you to deploy. CodeBuild relieves you of the burden of managing and scaling your own build servers. It includes preparing build environments for common programming languages ​​and build tools such as Apache Maven and Gradle. You can also use your own build tools by customizing build environments in CodeBuild. CodeBuild automatically scales to meet peak build requests.

How to Use AWS CodeBuild on iPhone?

CodeBuild can be run through the AWS CodeBuild or AWS CodePipeline consoles. You can also use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or the AWS SDKs to automate CodeBuild execution.

You need to be thorough with the command language to use the AWS CodeBuild.

Create iOS application:

  1. Open Xcode on your device.
  2. Click Create a new Xcode project option.
  3. Select iOS and click on the single view app.
  4. Tap next.
  5. In the product name, type the name of your project.
  6. Language must be set to fast and user interface must be fastUI.
  7. After filling in the information, click next.
  8. Select the folder and click Create.
  9. Now open ContentView.swift from the Xcode file list on the left and replace the code.
  10. Examine the canvas to make sure the layout is correct.
  11. If you don’t see the canvas, you can activate it by going to the Editor menu and selecting Canvas.
  12. To create the layout preview, you may also need to click the Resume in Canvas option.
  13. Select Run or Type from the Product menu. You can also use the Play button on the toolbar.
  14. After a while the app starts on the iOS Simulator, showing a blank screen at first. The sample data is not displayed at runtime; it is designed exclusively for Xcode previews.
  15. You have completed the development of an iOS app. You’re now ready to start developing with Amplify!

This is the basic step you should start with to build an app for iOS. You will need to make all the changes and add code accordingly after you have made a base of your iOS application by following the steps above. You can go to AWS CodeBuild official site if you don’t know what code to add to create your iOS application. Keep in mind that the code may differ based on the application you’re creating and what features you want to add to it.

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