What is an optimized battery charging iPhone?

Apple is very intuitive and experimental with its features and optimized battery charging is one of those features that users appreciate. You will often find that your iPhone does not charge more than 80% overnight. And even if it does, the charging is quite slow.

Have you ever wondered why it happens? This is the iPhone’s optimized battery charging feature. Since most people are not aware of this particular feature, we knew we had to highlight it in this guide. So keep reading for a comprehensive understanding of the same.

What is optimized battery charging?

Optimized battery charging is a native iPhone feature that was introduced with the launch of iOS 13. Enabled by default in iPhone, it protects iPhone battery and extends battery life.

With this particular feature, the iPhone tracks daily user activity and predicts how long the charge will last. The iPhone monitors such activity for a few weeks, after which the feature prevents the device from charging to 100%. Instead, the iPhone only charges to 80%.

This means that even if you are in the habit of charging your iPhone overnight, the battery will only be charged to 80%. Just before you are likely to want to unplug the charger, the iPhone should complete the charging process to 100%.

How do I know if Optimized battery charging is activated?

If you have iOS 13 or later on your iPhone, the Optimal battery charging feature is enabled on the device by default. This means that unless you actively disable the feature yourself, it should remain enabled throughout the entire process, which is an advantage.

However, you should realize that it takes some time for this particular feature to become active. It takes the iPhone about a week to keep up with all the functions before it works efficiently on your iPhone.

Once the iPhone has registered and saved enough battery charging data, it will tell you that the optimized battery charging feature is turned on.

Can I disable the Optimal battery charging option?

The primary intent of the Optimal Battery Charging option is to extend the life of your iPhone. So inherently it helps your iPhone in the long run. So we recommend that you do not disable it.

However, if you want to disable optimized battery charging, it is possible. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open your iPhone settings
  2. Tap Battery then tap Battery status
  3. Disable Optimized Battery Charging feature

If you’re wondering how to speed up the loading process after the 80% mark, the process is simple. Ideally, you can manually instruct your iPhone to ignore the Optimal Battery Charging feature and complete the charging process.

If you see a notification on the lock screen that says “Scheduled to complete charging by ___ time”, you can long-press the notification and then select Charge Now. This speeds up the charging process and completes charging to 100%.

How does optimized battery charging work?

When it comes to a smartphone, one of the most common problems people face is battery issues. The Li-ion battery is subject to damage, especially if you don’t pay close attention to it.

With optimized battery charging, users can enjoy benefits such as:

  • iPhone monitors your phone and battery usage
  • The battery charges up to 80% when plugged in
  • The function predicts when you turn off the charger and delays a full charge to 100%

The primary function of optimized battery charging is to protect your iPhone’s battery in the long run. It prevents electrical current that contributes to the chemical reactions in the battery. By optimizing the chemical behavior of the battery, its use is extended in the long term.

Does the Optimal Battery Charge feature charge the iPhone more slowly?

If your optimized battery charge is enabled on your iPhone, the battery percentage will stop at 80%. The remaining 20% ​​happens in the predetermined time as tracked by the iPhone.

So technically, yes, the feature slows down the battery charging process in your iPhone. So, if you need to quickly charge the device, we recommend that you disable the specific feature for good.

If you want to extend the life of your battery in iPhone, we recommend that you keep it turned on for easy use.


Optimized battery charging is one of the best features available on iPhone. Although it charges your iPhone quite slowly, there is no denying that it will shield the quality of your phone in the long run. So, we strongly recommend that you keep this feature turned on for extended use of your iPhone’s battery.

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