What Does “Update Requested” Mean on iOS 16?

The latest iOS 16 has introduced a plethora of great features, including customization tools and resources. But with something good you also have to deal with something bad. The update requested issue on iOS 16 frustrates most iPhone users and for all the right reasons.

Not only is the process very intrusive, but it also has a direct impact on the user’s overall experience with the new operating system. So you’re ready to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 16, but somehow you’re set on the requested update page instead of downloading it directly to your iPhone.

If you’re experiencing a similar problem with your iPhone, here’s what you need to know about the problem and what you can do to fix it.

What Does “Update Requested” Mean on iOS 16?

Now that Apple has finally rolled out its iOS 16, it’s no surprise that users are now walking in to install the latest operating system on their phones.

Since Apple’s servers are overloaded with the sudden influx of download or update requests, this can lead to backlogs on their servers leading to delays and delays.

So if you witness the Update Requested message on the screen, it simply means that your update request to iOS 16 is being processed. Also, sometimes the problem is not due to server issues but to storage issues in the system.

How long will the “Update Requested” stay on iOS 16?

If you see the “Update Requested” message on your iPhone screen when you start the update process, you can rest assured that the problem is not a long-term or permanent problem.

The message must be resolved within 5 minutes. However, technically, the duration also depends on the network speed, the storage in the iPhone, etc.

So when you start the update process for your iOS 16, make sure you are connected to a fast and stable network.

Why is my iPhone stuck on the “Update Requested” page?

If your iPhone is stuck on the requested update page, there could be several reasons for it, including:

  • Unstable or poor internet connection
  • Apple server problem
  • Bugs in the iOS 16 update file
  • Software failures

How to bypass the “Update Requested” complication?

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​why the “Update Requested” issue is occurring, you should first focus on finding ways to get around the complication.

Here are a few methods you can look into:

Reset the network settings

Since network settings play a very crucial role in the update process, rest assured that resetting network settings on your iPhone can prevent this message from appearing every time you try to update to the latest iOS 16.

You can also restart your Wi-Fi router or switch to a different Wi-Fi network to see if the problem persists. You can also switch iPhone to Airplane mode and back to Cellular mode to see if that helps.

Try again

If your iOS 16 update gets stuck midway or at the beginning, the next thing you can do is take a moment. Sometimes lag issues can also contribute to “Update Requested” issue on iPhone.

What you can do is uninstall the update and then reinstall the iOS 16 system update. This should resolve the complication.

Restart your iPhone

One of the most common reasons behind the “Update Requested” error is due to a software glitch. If it happens every time you try to update your iPhone, we recommend that you restart your iPhone. Doing so will eliminate any bugs and software issues that contributed to the problem.

We recommend that you wait for some time after restarting iPhone before starting to update iPhone operating system.


Experiencing an “Update Requested” error on your iPhone while downloading the iOS 16 update is a pretty common occurrence that many iPhone users have recently complained about. If you are experiencing a similar issue, we recommend that you focus on implementing one of these bypass methods to check whether the update process is streamlined or not. Also, the glitch sometimes resolves itself so we suggest you wait for some time as well.

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