What are tracking notifications on iPhone?

Apple has done its best to give users its privacy and security. Let’s face it, Apple hasn’t let its customers down on privacy so far, bearing in mind that Apple has improved its anti-stalking protection for AirTags and other Find My Network accessories. Apple has added this new feature such as a clear warning when connecting a new AirTag. This notice discourages users from using their AirTags to stalk others, emphasizing that their personal information is connected to the monitoring device and that this is illegal in many countries. Apple has now delivered on its promise by integrating these improvements, making it more difficult for creeps to use AirTags for surveillance.

You must be thinking why we are talking about AirTags. Is it connected to AirTag notifications or some other privacy feature that will alert you if you are being watched in any way? Maybe by ‘find my’. Its purpose is to alert you if someone is tracking your phone, so it’s a smart setting to enable. Well tracking notifications are connected to AirTags and Find My. This feature alerts you by notifying you if a device, such as an AirTag, is following you. The tracking notification update was made due to the unethical use of AirTag where AirTag is dropped in someone’s bag and then tracked against that person’s will. This was used for human trafficking. So to prevent this from happening, notification tracking has been released.

In addition, Apple offers Precise Finding for unknown AirTags found nearby. So if you have a UWB-enabled iPhone, you can pinpoint the exact location of an AirTag. This makes it easy to find them while they are being stalked, as they are otherwise difficult to identify. Finally, the Cupertino company has introduced a new option in the Find My App page that allows users to configure tracking notifications as they see fit.

The new tracking notification could prevent some unwilling stalkers. In addition to the above feature, you now have control over what was previously called the “Article Safety Alerts” option in Find My. The setting can be accessed from the “Me” tab in Find My or you can go to the settings app on your iPhone device.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Then go to Notifications > Tracking Notifications.
  3. Enable tracking notifications according to your need.

However, no warning appears when changing anything in Tracking Alerts, such as removing the “Item Safety Alerts” setting prior to iOS 15.4. This may change in subsequent releases.

Basically, this feature alerts you if a device, like an AirTag, is tracking you. I recommend that you enable this option in case of such an emergency.

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