What are the physical security keys on iOS 16.3?

Apple is looking to improve security and privacy features with its new iOS updates. After the positive reception iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.2 received, it’s not surprising that Apple had to up their game with the release of iOS 16.3.

With the new iOS 16.3, one of the most amazing features is the support for physical keys to further streamline the two-factor authentication process.

In addition, the new update also introduced multiple new ways to make Emergency SOS calls for the users. This isn’t the first time Apple has talked about hardware security keys. The brand introduced the same last year, citing that users can now use third-party hardware security keys to better streamline the security of their device.

If you’re excited about the new physical security keys in iOS 16.3, this article will discuss that further.

Do the physical security keys for iOS 16.3 work?

With the release of physical security key support for iOS 16.3, it is not surprising that most users are confused about its usage and integration.

The physical security key is like an external device that helps authenticate the iOS user account.

Because the physical keys are an external device, they work much better than the standard six-digit authentication process that most users follow when it comes to two-factor authentication. Adding the physical security key prevents hackers from hacking into the account.

Please note that the Physical Security Keys feature is an optional feature available for iOS 16.3 users who want additional protection for their devices. It uses the FIDO certified security keys, which ensures 100% increased security, especially if you are at risk of a data breach.

How to update to latest iOS 16.3?

If your iPhone has already received the iOS 16.3 update, you can go ahead and check your settings for it.

Follow Settings > General > Software Update. From there, check if there are any updates available. When the iOS 16.3 update is available, you can download and install it on your device to take advantage of the brand new physical security features.

Until then, we recommend that you keep an eye out for the other features of the iOS 16.3 update, including support for Homepod smart speakers and Unity wallpapers. The advanced data protection features stand out in this update.

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