What are the new features of iOS 16.1.1?

iOS 16.1 was released just a few days ago and users had pretty high hopes for it. Since iOS 16 was such a buggy update, iOS 16.1 was expected to fix all the issues and improve iPhone performance. But to our disappointment, iOS 16.1 did not meet the user’s expectations. Instead of fixing the bugs and issues, iOS 16.1 brought many other bugs and issues. Now all attention has shifted to the next version of iOS 16 in hopes of fixing the issues users have been dealing with with iOS 16.1.

iOS 16.1.1 was released on 09e November 2022 alongside iPad OS 16.1.1 and mac OS 13.0.1. This update should be available to users of iOS 16 devices ranging from iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 series. Apple has already published the release notes for iOS 16.1.1, which unequivocally state that this update focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements rather than bringing in new features. According to Apple, “This update contains bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users.”


These upgrades include patches for critical issues, such as one affecting the SKAdNetwork API, which allows advertisers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns.“The SKAdNetwork API allows advertisers to measure ad success by assigning app installs to specific ad campaigns, all while maintaining user privacy. It supports multiple ad formats, including static images, videos, audio, and interactive ads.”

Since the release of iOS 16.1, there have been several complaints about Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Users rushed to Reddit and Twitter to voice their concerns about constantly disconnecting Wi-Fi. We expect iOS 16.1.1 to fix the Wi-Fi connection issues. So if you’re having trouble dropping your Wi-Fi connection, especially during FaceTime chats or just sporadically everywhere, you have iOS 16.1.1.

Another issue that affected a large number of customers was the alarm widget on the lock screen. Many people complained that they couldn’t see the warning properly; it would just say “no alarm” even if there was one. This issue has been resolved in iOS 16.1.1.

Another issue that has been fixed concerns the phone application. If you’re on a phone call and the phone is up to your ear, you won’t be able to control the volume properly with the volume rocker in iOS 16.1. With the release of iOS 16.1.1, this issue has been addressed and resolved.

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iOS 16.1.1 is a modest update that includes a handful of security updates, a fix for the SK ad network bug, and hopefully a fix for those experiencing the Wi-Fi issue that is quite common among iOS 16.1 users. Let us know what you think of the iOS 16.1.1 release in the comment box below.

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