What are iOS Files on Mac?

When using an Apple device, storage is a recurring problem with almost every device. So if you’re browsing your MacBook and trying to figure out why some iOS files are taking up a few gigabytes of space, you’re not the only person experiencing this problem.

If you are not sure and whether it is safe to delete these files, we will discuss all of that in detail in this guide for you.

Why do I have iOS files on the Mac?

In most cases, we have our iPhone and an iPad is backed up to our iCloud. However, in some rare cases you will find that the backup is done on the Mac. This is prevalent among users running iOS beta, etc.

So if your iPhone or iPad data is backed up to your Mac instead of iCloud, that’s one of the biggest reasons why you might have those iOS files stored on your Mac.

Should I delete the iOS files from my Mac?

Now that you know where the iOS files come from, the next logical question is whether or not you should delete those files. Is it safe? Will I end up deleting something important?

But to answer your question, you don’t have to face any security issues when you delete those iOS files.

However, if your iPhone is still running on a public beta, which poses risks to the data, we recommend that you wait and keep the backup before deleting it from your system.

In addition, if you have backup data on your iCloud and running a standard version of iOS on your iPhone, you can delete the iOS files from Mac.

How to delete iOS files on your Mac?

The easiest and safest way to get rid of the unwanted iOS files on your Mac is to use the Manage Storage feature.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Open the Apple menu
  2. Navigate to “About This Mac” and then click Storage
  3. Under Storage, click Manage Storage
  4. You should check for the iOS files available in the sidebar
  5. In the main window, you will find a list of iOS backups. You can choose to delete all backup folders or you can select the individual folders you want to delete
  6. Once you have selected, click on Remove and then Confirm
  7. If you delete the backup folders individually, you can select each folder and then delete them individually.

What are some other ways to free up storage space on your Mac?

Besides deleting the iOS files on your Mac to free up some storage space, some of the other additional methods to clear up the occupied storage space are:

  • Remove the junk files from your Mac
  • Move or delete the larger and older files you no longer use
  • Move the files to iCloud and use the optimized Mac Storage feature

You don’t have to worry about the iOS files on your MacBook. With a few simple tricks, you should be able to get rid of them and free up the space they took up.

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