Vidmate for iphone 13 free download

There are hundreds of videos on the internet that we come across every day that we want to download almost immediately. If you are one of those people who want easy access to a video downloading app, then Vidmate is a perfect choice.

But the only limitation is the lack of availability. Vidmate is developed exclusively for Android and Windows. It’s not available on iTunes or App Store, which means you can’t download the app directly to your iPhone 13.

This article takes a look at everything you need to know about Vidmate and how to get around the lack of availability.

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is a popular Android app that allows users to download videos directly from the internet. Either from Google or social media platforms, Vidmate lets you download any format of video content in no time.

As of now, Vidmate is not readily available for iOS devices. This means that if you want to access this app for your iPhone 13, you will have to rely on third-party apps to find and install the app on your iPhone.

Is Vidmate available on iTunes?

Vidmate is an exclusive or predominant app for Android, which means it is not available on iTunes or App Store.

This is one of the main reasons why iPhone users have to rely on third-party app stores to get their hands on Vidmate.

How to install Vidmate on iPhone 13?

If you own an iPhone 13 and are considering downloading and installing Vidmate for your device, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Most third-party app stores do not support Vidmate, so the only way you can download the same to your iPhone is to jailbreak it.
  2. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone 13, you need to download Vidmate from the third party apps.
  3. Complete the installation process through the iPhone settings.

Once done, you should see the app appear on your home screen. From there you can access it normally without any complications.


Vidmate for iOS is not a direct process. You have to break down many steps to download and use the app on your iPhone. There aren’t many video downloaders available on the App Store at the moment, so you’ll have to make do with what’s available right now.

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