Valve warns against playing on steam deck in hot weather

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Sweltering temperatures are currently gripping Europe and the United Kingdom (UK) with heatwaves causing wildfires and temperature-induced deaths. As a result, Steam Deck manufacturer Valve has issued a warning to handheld console owners not to play outside on their devices amid the blistering weather.

Valve posted an update on its Twitter account to inform users that the portable gaming device performs best in temperatures between 0°C and 35°C (32 °F – 95 °F). As the temperature gets higher, the Steam Deck’s built-in mechanism may reduce performance to protect itself from severe overheating.

“For our friends in the midst of a heat wave, a quick note about Steam Deck at high temperatures. Steam Deck performs at its best in ambient temperatures between 0° and 35° C. As the temperature increases, Steam Deck may begin to reduce performance to protect itself,” the company said. tweeted.

Valve explains that Steam Deck’s custom quad-core AMD APU (CPU and GPU combined in a single chip) works well at temperatures up to 100°C. Once the temperature exceeds 100°C, the Steam Deck will throttle the chip and reduce its overall performance to prevent damage. However, at 105 °C, the handheld device will shut down completely to prevent overheating and ensure the integrity of the device and protect the user.

“A little more detail on this: Steam Deck’s APU works well at temperatures up to 100°C. At 100°C it starts to decrease in performance and at 105°C it shuts off. Again, this is to protect themselves (and you) from harm,” it added.

Simply put, don’t play games on your Steam Deck in such a hot environment right now to avoid damage to the device. Valve isn’t the first game manufacturer to suggest to its customers not to use devices outdoors in the scorching environment.

A similar warning was recently issued by Japanese manufacturer Nintendo against using Switch in environments with temperatures above 35°C. “If the temperature of the main unit gets too high, it can automatically sleep to protect the main unit,” the company added. .

The UK crossed the 40 degrees Celsius mark on Tuesday with temperatures reaching 40.3 °C (104.5 °F) in the east of England, a new record for the UK.

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