Using Live Activities iOS 16 for Uber

There are many features that can be combined with iOS 16, but live activities are the most useful feature of all. Live Activities was supposed to be released with iOS 16, but there was some delay due to which the live activity feature was released with iOS 16.1. Live activities appear on your home screen at a time that suits you, whether you want to check the score, track your flight, or quickly access your to-do list. Uber and Uber eats were dropped at the time to support live activities, and now users are gradually getting support for live activities on iOS 16 for Uber as well.

With iOS 16.1 when live activities rolled out, uber was still behind the game to gain its support. Weeks later, users finally get uber’s live activity support. It is reported that uber and uber eats have both implemented the live activity feature, but an official notice from this app is yet to be released.

Using Live Activities iOS 16 for Uber

First, you need to enable the live activity feature from the settings app.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the face ID and passcode.
  3. Enter your access code.
  4. In the Allow access when locked section you will find live activities.
  5. Enable the live activities option.

After enabling the live activity feature, you also need to enable the uber live activity option from the settings app.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Make sure the live activity feature is enabled, if not then follow the steps above.
  3. Go to the uber application tab.
  4. Turn on the live activity switch.

When the live activity feature is activated for Uber, live activities begin as soon as a ride is requested. As the user approaches their destination, the Uber app updates the status of the current ride. While a customer is waiting for their ride, their estimated time of arrival is displayed along with the driver’s progress to the pick-up point. The Live Activities feature displays the driver’s path with a moving indicator after the customer is picked up by their Uber driver. The expected ETA will also change if external variables, such as traffic and weather, change.

Some iPhone 14 pro users claim that some things have been omitted from the live activities on the dynamic island. It shows the estimated time of arrival next to a taxi icon. However, you have to long press Dynamic Island to see all the details of the live activity, as not all details are displayed on the dynamic island.

NOTE: If you can’t find uber’s live activity option in the settings app, you’ll need to wait a bit longer as uber support for live activity is rolling out slowly and it may take some time to implement this change in your region.

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