Using alarms in Windows 11 [New Features Added]

Using alarms in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduced an improved version of the Alarm Clock as the Clock app. This time, new features have been added. The integrations have made it worthwhile for different types of users.

Previously, the alarm clock app could set alarms, timers, stopwatches, and access the world clock. The newer version has all this plus one Focus mode aimed at increasing productivity.

It can also be used to relax by putting on a piece of meditation music and letting the soundtrack take over from there. You can use the new mode by integrating it with the Spotify app on Windows 11, downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Let’s start with the newly indicted Focus mode that has everyone talking. Make sure to update the app if you are using the older version. The app will update automatically and you will need to restart your PC to see the new version.

Set focus session on the clock

Focus sessions are a kind of distraction-free mode on Windows 11. No notifications or app popups appear when focus mode is turned on.

1. Go to the Start menu by clicking the window button or by pressing the window button. Search Clock and go to the clock app.

Click quickly Get started on the Focus Sessions tab.

Clock app in Windows 11

2. Sign in to your Microsoft account on the clock app, labeled A. It is necessary to install Spotify from the Microsoft Store, and you can also add tasks in focus mode.

Install Spotify for Focus Mode

3. Click on the Install Spotify button, labeled B. This will open the Microsoft Store with the option to install Spotify with a single click.

Make sure to sign into Spotify to use it with the clock app. The feature works with and without an active Spotify subscription.

Remark: Relaunch the Clock app for the Spotify link option to appear.

5. Go straight to the Connect your Spotify button and a wizard opens.

6. Enter your Spotify details here again. If you are new to the service, you can also use a Facebook, Google, Apple account or a phone number.

Spotify Login Clock App

7. After logging in, you will be asked for permission to use it on the affiliated services. click on Agree moving forward.

Link Spotify with Clock in Windows 11

You have successfully paired Spotify with the Clock app for focus mode.

Spotify in WIndows 11 Clock app

8. Set the timer and then go to the Spotify section to choose your favorite playlist whose shortcuts are visible there, denoted by A.

Focus mode Windows 11

9. Start the Focus mode by clicking the Start focus session button, labeled B, which launches the Spotify app containing the previously selected song/playlist.

[Optional] click on Stay informed to reduce distractions on the screen and help you focus.

Stay tuned in Windows 11

Here’s how to use Focus mode on Windows 11, available in the Clock app. You can set up multiple sessions for different activities. Breaks between sessions can be set, these are optional.

How to use alarm in Windows 11 with Clock app

You can use Alarms in Windows 11 through the new Clock app which offers a streamlined user interface and features.

1. Open the Clock app as we learned in the last section and go to the Alarm tab.

2. Click on the Add alarm button at the bottom with the plus sign. The new alarm dialog box appears on the screen.

Add alarm in Windows 11

3. Set the alarm name (optional), ringtone, time, days and alarm duration. click on save to activate the alarm.

Set alarms in Windows 11

4. Now all alarm presets appear in the dashboard. The active alarms on Windows 11 are shown in black, while others are shown in gray.

Turn alarms on and off with the slider next to an alarm window.

Using alarms in Windows 11

All active alarms will sound and ring at the desired time for the preset duration. You can add dozens more alarms by repeating this process.

Using Timer in Windows 11

Timers are useful in measuring the user’s ability to perform a task in a specified period of time. The clock app has an easy-to-use timer that takes seconds to configure and start.

1. Open the Clock app and go directly to the timer tab of the app.

2. Click on the Add new timer button, indicated by the button, provided with a plus button, indicated by A.

Set timer in Windows 11

3. A timer wizard will appear on the screen. Set the timer and give it a name if desired. click on the rescue button to save the newly created timer on Windows 11.

4. Now find your timer and click on the blue play button to start the timer, marked A.

Set time in Timer

You can also keep it distraction free and just focus on the timer using the Stay informed button, marked B.

This is how you set the timer in Windows 11 using the Clock app. Set as many timers as needed using this standard method. You do not need to install any third-party application for this.

Using Stopwatch in Windows 11

A stopwatch is useful in measuring the time it takes for a particular operation on Windows or off the computer. It’s been around since Windows 8 days, but let’s learn how to use Stopwatch in Windows 11, available in the Clock app.

1. Open the Clock app from the Start menu and go to the Stopwatch tab.

2. Click the blue play button to start the Stopwatch. After starting Stopwatch, the pause button is available on the screen, which is intended to pause the counter.

Stopwatch in Clock app


  • Click on the flag button on the right for marking laps.
  • Click on the reset button to reset the stopwatch counter.
  • The Stay informed is also available on the Stopwatch.

Using World Clock in Windows 11

Do you have family members or clients in different time zones around the world? Then you may need a world clock with the time of your preferred location. The clock app on Windows 11 has you covered.

1. Open the Clock app from the Start icon or menu items.

2. Go to the world clock tab and then click the Add a new city button marked A.

3. The dialog box to add a city appears on the screen, labeled B. Type your city and click the Add to add a clock with that city’s time.

Add multiple cities in the world clock section and keep up to date with the times in different places.

Add World Clock


You can also compare the times of different cities added in the section by clicking on the World Clocks section.

Compare times in World Clock

It shows you a comparison between the time zone at the current time. Using the horizontal slider, you can compare different times and dates of all current cities.

World Clock in Windows 11

Change clock theme on Windows 11

Usually the Clock app is set to incorporate the system’s theme. You can do it according to your own choice via the settings.

1. Open the Clock app and go to the settings indicated by a gear icon.

2. Scroll down to the General part of the settings. Here is the App theme option with drop-down menus – Light, Dark and System Settings.

Clock app settings Windows 11

3. Choose one of the options except the one currently set. The changes will take effect the next time you launch the Clock app.

Frequently Asked Questions – Frequently Asked Questions

1. New Clock app not appearing on Windows 11This is a common problem with Windows

11 users not connected to the internet. Those using the older version have the classic Alarm app.

You need to update the Alarm & Clocks app to get the new Clock app for Windows 11.

2. Is it required to login to use Alarms on Windows 11?

You don’t need to sign in to your Microsoft account to use Alarms on Windows 11 or most of the features offered by the Clocks app (except Spotify integration).

Back to you

this is how you use alarms in Windows 11 on the new Clock app which has new features and integrations to keep you hooked. The focus mode is incredibly useful as we tried while writing this post.

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