Update Requested iOS 16.1 Issue

The long-awaited Live Activities feature is finally here with the release of the iOS 16.1 update. After two months of testing, Apple has launched Live Activities for iPhone users with iOS 16.1. Ever since the update came out, people have been eager to install it on their devices. Unfortunately, some users are stuck with the iOS 16.1 update request issue.

According to many Tweets, many iPhone users need help to update their iPhones to the new iOS 16.1 update. Many users also wrote on Reddit that their iPhones are experiencing issues with iOS 16.1 Update Requested during installation. Since the problem occurs for many users worldwide, here we have noted some working solutions for the update request IOS 16.1 update issue.

Methods to Fix iOS 16.1 Update Requested Issue

1. Delete the OTA file and try again

For many users, it is helpful to delete the ongoing or downloaded file, reboot the device, and then go to the Software Update page to download iOS 16.1 again to fix the iOS 16.1 problem requested by the update . The method worked for many users.

2. Force Quit and Try Again

When you see iOS 16.1 stuck on Update Requested screen, it would be helpful for the users to force stop the current process and try again. It would help if you force close the Settings app and then go to Settings > General > Software Update again to download and install the new update.

3. Check the internet connection

Since iOS 16.1 is huge in size, user needs to connect iPhone with stable and fast internet connection to download and install iOS 16.1 without interruption. If you get an iOS 16.1 update request and it doesn’t work, you can try switching to a different Wi-Fi network to fix the problem.

4. Check iPhone Storage

As we said above, iOS 16.1 comes with more than 1GB of size, users should note that iPhone has enough storage space to store the major iOS 16.1 update. Therefore, if you see the iOS 16.1 Update Requested issue, you should also check the iPhone storage before going to the iOS 16.1 download process.

5. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes resetting the network settings of the devices helps to get rid of the requested iOS update error. Therefore, you should also try this method to fix the requested iOS 16.1 error. So go ahead and go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Then go to Settings > General > Software Update and download it again.


Deleting the OTA download file from the iPhone storage and then going back to Settings > General > Software Update > IOS 16.1 Download and Install will fix the update requested error. Which method from the above worked for you? Do you know another method? Don’t bother sharing your feedback in the comment box.

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