Unblock YouTube with these proxy sites

YouTube proxy sites

If you were looking for YouTube proxy sites then you have landed on the right web page. In this article we have shared Free YouTube Proxy that can help you Unblock YouTube.

YouTube has revolutionized the way we consume content. The world’s second largest search engine has millions of hours of entertaining content, helpful tutorials, and exclusive news in the form of videos.

Unfortunately, YouTube is inaccessible to millions of users due to government censorship, ISP blocks, and geo-restrictions.

Youtube is even blocked in schools and workplaces.

Even if YouTube is not completely blocked in your region, there are several videos that you cannot watch in your country.

Traditional methods like Custom DNS Servers and VPNs can help you Unblock YouTube. The easiest method to access websites that are not available in your country or region is to use Proxy sites.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some Free YouTube Proxy Websites.

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Free YouTube Proxy Sites to Unblock YouTube

1. Genmirror (Best YouTube Proxy)

First, on the list we have the tried and trusted Genmirror proxy for YouTube. With Genmirror you can: Watch YouTube videos and Unblock YouTube.

GenMirror YouTube Proxy

The homepage and user interface of Genmirror YouTube proxy are completely different from the official YouTube website. That said, the search bar works perfectly. So just search for the content you want.

To access YouTube using Genmirror, just enter the official YouTube URL which is http://youtube.com and click on the browse button. You land directly on the YouTube proxy website.

using this Free proxy for YouTube your YouTube activity remains anonymous on the web.


2. AtozProxy (Allow YouTube to unblock easily)

Next on the list, we have AtozProxy YouTube. You can think of AtozProxy as an exact replica of Genmirror that just gets the job done.

AtoZproxy YouTube proxy site

This one Easy-to-use YouTube Proxy website has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface that has relatively fewer ads compared to the other websites on the list. In addition to YouTube, AtozProxy also gives you access to Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Similar to Genmirror, to access YouTube with AtozProxy, just enter the official YouTube URL ie http://youtube.com and click the browse button.

AtozProxy also offers special sections for trends, music and categories. Overall, it’s a great proxy to Watch blocked YouTube videos.


3. CroxyProxy (trusted YouTube mirror)

If you’re looking for a YouTube proxy that acts as a YouTube Mirror Site then CroxyProxy will surely impress you.

YouTube proxy

Once you’re on the CroxyProxy homepage, just enter the YouTube URL and you’re good to go. CroxyProxy makes your YouTube activity untraceable.

Since CroxyProxy uses HTML5 video and audio playback, you can enjoy your YouTube content in higher quality. Furthermore, CroxyProxy is also available as a Chrome extension. Consequently, the extension eliminates the step of opening the proxy website earlier
you will get YouTube unblocked.

As for the cons, CroxyProxy is a bit slower to navigate compared to the original YouTube website.


4. Youtube Unblocked (Free YouTube Proxy)

The next proxy website on the list does exactly what its name suggests. YoutubeUnblocked will help you access the original YouTube website even if it is blocked in your region.

YouTube unblocked

Since YoutubeUnblocked a Mirror YouTube Site, the interface is similar to the original YouTube site, making it easier to navigate. Since YouTube Unblocked is a free web proxy, no registration and payments are required to use it.

Like other YouTube proxies on the list, YouTube Unblocked prevents your web traffic from being tracked.

To access YouTube with YouTube Unblocked, you can enter the YouTube URL or just use the YouTube shortcut on the homepage.


5. HMA (access restricted YouTube videos)

Last on the list we have HideMyAss or often abbreviated as HMA. Well, HMA can be used to unblock blocked websites and YouTube is no exception.

HMA YouTube Proxy

The HMA Free YouTube Proxy has some limitations. For example, you cannot use the tool on more than one tab. That said, the restrictions can be lifted by purchasing the premium version of HMA.

We recommend that you keep HMA as the last option if the four websites mentioned above don’t work for you. The reason is simple, it is super slow until you upgrade to the premium version. (during testing we weren’t even able to load the YouTube homepage)

However, HMA has a super well-developed user interface that allows you to navigate and unlock websites with ease. Before you unlock YouTube, you can even select the server from which you want to access YouTube.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a proxy for YouTube?

Yes, there are many great proxies for YouTube. Some of the best among the bunch are CroxyProxy, Youtube Unblocked, and Genmirror.

2. How do I watch blocked YouTube videos?

The easiest method to watch blocked YouTube videos is to use a YouTube proxy site. CroxyProxy, Youtube Unblocked, AtozProxy and Genmirror are some of the best YouTube proxy sites that can unblock YouTube videos. You can even use VPNs.

3. How can I watch YouTube if it’s blocked?

Some of the methods that can help you watch YouTube when it’s blocked are custom DNS servers, VPNs, and YouTube proxy sites.


So these were some of the Best YouTube Proxy Sites that are worth seeing. If you have any recommendations for Free YouTube Mirror Sites then share them on our socials.

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