Unable to send audio messages at this time iOS 16

Sending voice messages is still cool for many users. For iPhone users, Apple has made it easy to send audio messages using the iOS 16 update. However, the process has changed with iOS 16 to send voice notes on iPhone, but many people thought it was cool compared to previous updates. Unfortunately, many users report that they are unable to send audio messages at this time, iOS 16.

We have seen Twitter and Google Trends flooded with complaints and solutions to fix can’t send audio messages right now, iOS 16. Even some Reddit users are dropping the report that iMessage voice message not working on iOS 16 on iPhone . Since we have seen dozens of people complaining about the same problem, we have come to help you solve the problem.

How To Fix Cannot Send Audio Messages Right Now iOS 16

Method 1: Send Voice Message Method

Many users need to know a new method to send audio messages on iOS 16. So, you need to know the process first. To send the audio message on iOS 16, the user has to go to the chat conversation, scroll under the bar and press the audio symbol in the blue bubble. Then record the audio and send the voice note as usual. It would help if you tap the visible red microphone to record the message hands-free. Then press the square on the screen to end the recording and then play it or send it to the other person.

Method 2: Check Enable iMessage Option

While trying to send the audio message to the user in iMessage, make sure that the iMessage option is enabled if you are unable to send audio message on this iOS 16 error. To check or help, go to Settings > Messages > enable next to iMessage. Also make sure you have set the correct email address or phone number in the Send and Receive section.

Method 3: Disable Sound Recognition

Sometimes the Sound Recognition feature conflicts with the Audio Message Sending feature on iOS 16. Therefore, it is better to disable this option by going to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Recognition > and disable it.

Method 4: Check for the update

It’s been over two months since iOS 16 landed. Apple has also released more iOS 16 upgrades in the past two months. If you are unable to send audio message on iOS 16 at this time, you can also check for the new iOS 16 update. Currently, Apple’s new iOS 16.2 update is available for download. So you need to go to Settings > General > Software Update, install the latest update and fix the problem.


Have you tried the above methods? Which method worked for you? Do you know any other way to fix the voice message issue on iOS 16, share it with us in the comment section.

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