Twitter test feature for long text called ‘Notes’

twitter notes

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is testing a new feature that allows users to write and publish long tweets on its microblogging platform.

Currently, Twitter has a limit of tweets to a maximum of 280 characters in a single message. However, it allows users to create threads on the platform so that they can share thoughts that are longer than the given limit of 280 characters.

The upcoming feature called “Notes” will help users to write in-depth messages, which can contain text up to 2500 words. The title is limited to 100 characters. Notes can also include photos, videos, GIFs, a header image, and more in posts that can be tweeted and shared with the followers.

In addition, Notes may provide formatting tools such as italics and strikethrough text, the ability to insert ordered/unordered lists, and other features normally offered in blogging software.

The upcoming feature will also have a “Focus Mode” to extend the composer into a full-screen view. In addition, users can also edit notes if needed.

Twitter notes, were created in a composer tool known as Twitter Writethat allows writers to create stories and other elongated content for their followers, all on Twitter.

Once a note has been shared, it will appear in users’ timelines as “note card‘, which are basically tweets containing ‘Note examples and links’. Once these links are selected, the note will open in Twitter for users to read.

Previously titled “Twitter Article,” Twitter Notes is reportedly being tested with a small group of writers from Canada, Ghana, the UK and the US as part of the initial testing phase.

“We are currently conducting a closed test with a small group of writers that will help us learn how to best support people who come to write on Twitter,” the company said.

Twitter, however, did not provide more information about the wider rollout. The company added that users in most countries can read Notes on and off Twitter.

Readers in countries where the test is being conducted will be able to see note cards (Tweets with note previews and links) in their Home timeline if they follow someone who participates in the Tweet Notes test group, or if they follow someone who Retweets, quotes Tweets, or shares a link to a note.

Twitter’s tweeted announcement has already published a series of Note card tweets with links, which were part of the test. These can be viewed and read even if you are not part of the test.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates as this is a story in development!

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