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Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it was testing a new feature called “Twitter Circle” with a limited number of users. Now the microblogging site has started to roll out the new feature to more users on a large scale.

For those who don’t know, Twitter Circle is similar to Instagram’s Close Friend feature, which allows users to limit their audience for their Insta stories.

Likewise, Twitter’s new feature allows users to choose a smaller group of 150 people to share their tweets with.

To verify that you can access Twitter Circle, make sure your Twitter app is updated or that you can open Twitter in a web browser. When you open the “Compose Tweet” panel, you’ll see a drop-down menu at the top that says Everyone.

At this stage, you need to change the audience from “Everyone” to “Twitter Circle” to limit your tweet to a select audience.

You can also click Edit to add or remove people from your circle. When you add or remove people from your Twitter Circle, Twitter does not notify them.

The new feature allows you to include up to 150 people in your circle whether you follow them or not. Users in your circle will see a note added to Circle-only tweets stating: “Only people in @[yourusername]’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet.”

Likewise, if you see a tweet posted in someone’s circle, a green notification will appear that only people in their circle can view the content.

Furthermore, only the people you’ve added can comment on and interact with the Tweets you share in the Circle. However, they can’t retweet your post, but they can take a screenshot and download your tweets.

Additionally, when you reply to a tweet someone sent to their circle, other people in the circle can see and interact with your comment (unless you’re private).

While it looks like more users are getting access to the Twitter Circle feature, not everyone can see it in their accounts just yet.

Speaking to The Verge, Twitter spokesman Joseph Nunez said it is still testing the feature. “We are currently still testing Twitter Circle with a group of people worldwide on iOS, Android and the web. The feature has not yet been rolled out widely to everyone as we continue to collect feedback,” Nunez added.

It looks like the new feature is rolling out gradually and should be available to everyone soon.

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