Twitter begins testing ‘CoTweet’ feature


Twitter, the popular microblogging platform, has started rolling out a new experimental collaboration feature that allows two accounts to write a tweet together.

The new feature called “CoTweet” is a co-author of a Tweet that is posted simultaneously to both authors’ profiles and their followers’ timelines, a feature similar to the “Collabs” feature introduced by Instagram last year. .

You can recognize the CoTweet feature if you see the profile pictures and usernames of two authors in the headline. This feature helps authors share the spotlight, unlock opportunities to engage new audiences, and enhance their established partnerships.

So, how do CoTweets work? When two authors decide to CoTweet, the first step is to finalize the content they want to share. Twitter recommends using private messages to collaborate.

When the post is ready, an author creates the CoTweet and initiates an invitation for the co-author. Twitter shows a message to the co-author that reads: “You’ve been invited to share ownership of a Tweet. If you agree, a CoTweet will be published listing you both as co-authors. […] You can delete yourself at any time.”

Once the co-author accepts the CoTweet invite, the CoTweet will immediately post on each author’s profile and on their followers’ timelines. However, if the CoTweet invitation is declined, the CoTweet invitation will be removed.

In case the author doesn’t want to be associated with whoever they tweeted with, Twitter allows them to delete the tweet. The platform also allows the author to revoke ownership of the tweet once it is published.

Currently, the new CoTweet feature is a temporary experiment with “selected” accounts in Canada, Korea, and the United States, allowing you to send invitations to CoTweet using a different account.

“We continue to explore new ways for people to collaborate on Twitter,” Twitter spokesman Joseph J. Nuñez said in a statement. “We are testing CoTweets for a limited time to learn how people and brands can use this feature to grow and reach new audiences and strengthen their collaboration with other accounts.”

However, the Twitter spokesperson did not specify if or when the feature might be available to a wider audience.

“At the end of this experiment, we can disable this feature and delete any CoTweets created,” notes the social media company.

To learn more about the new CoTweet feature, please click on the FAQ page here

Last month, Twitter began testing a new feature called “Notes,” which allows users to write and publish long tweets in a single tweet, which can contain text of up to 2,500 words.

The microblogging platform also began to roll out the “Twitter Circle” feature on a large scale for more users. This feature is similar to Instagram’s Close Friend feature, which allows users to limit their audience for their Insta stories.

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