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Ever since Apple bought the Dark Sky app, everyone was working on the Dark Sky app. Sadly, if you use the Dark Sky iOS app on a daily basis, it’s time to say a final goodbye to Dark Sky as you welcome the year 2023.

It’s been two years since Apple bought the most popular iOS weather app, Dark Sky. So Apple has acquired this best weather app of all time and users are wondering when Dark Sky will stop working on iPhones and what are the best Dark Sky iOS alternatives.

The developed app informed users in September 2022 that the app would no longer work from January 1, 2023. From the first day of 2023, users will therefore no longer be able to use Dark Sky on iOS. iPhone nerds, however, look for other Dark Sky iOS-like apps.

What are the Best Dark Sky iOS Alternatives?

Since the Dark Sky iOS app is being discontinued, users can replace the Dark Sky app with other popular weather apps such as CARROT Weather, Windy, Ventusky, Weather Underground, and Geometric Weather.

Can I use Dark Sky on iOS in 2023?

You can use Dark Sky iOS in 2023 with Apple’s Weather app. Since the Dark Sky app doesn’t work on iOS, Apple has integrated every Dark Sky feature into Apple’s Weather app. So users can also use hyper-local forecasts for their current location, including precipitation for the next hour, hourly forecasts for the next ten days, high-resolution radar, and notifications.

Make sure your iPhone is running the iOS 16 update to use the latest version of the Apple Weather app with every Dark Sky feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dark Sky available on iOS?

No, the official Dark Sky is not available on iOS.

Is Apple getting rid of Dark Sky?

Yes, Apple is removing Dark Sky.

What happened to the Dark Sky app?

Apple has removed Dark Sky from the App Store and added the feature to Apple’s built-in Weather app.

Is the Dark Sky app free?

Yes, the Dark Sky app is free.

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