Top 6 Best iOS 16 Widget Apps

Apple currently maintains lock screen widgets that can be useful and many of Apple’s web applications support them as of now. basic things like weather conditions, home, your well-being, batteries, planning things like that, but this also works with outside applications. In this article, I want to list the best iOS 16 widget app that I have found that will make your experience of using the iPhone lock screen easier.

Best iOS 16 Widget Apps


Keeping track of all your information is extremely helpful for frequent flyers. With this app you can track your flight, your flight number, status as delayed or on time and your baggage claim, all within Flighty. There are some basics, like a countdown to your journey, and one that gives you an inflated progress tracker so you know how far along you are in your flight and you can also see things like the weather for where you arrive. It’s quite useful for frequent flyers combined with the best late tracking widgets on your iPhone.


Anyone who does a lot of online shopping has probably heard of the package. a fantastic tracking app for your phone to track your packages Amazon, DHL, FedEx and the like. You can of course open the app and see all that, or you can use the new package lock screen widgets. You can see an icon showing the status of your order, the number of days until that product arrives at your home/office, and a live update of that package.


To launch the camera app, you had to unlock your phone first, find that app and then open it, but that’s no longer the case. Halide now has a quick access widget on your lock screen. When you tap the widget, you’re instantly in the Halide app, ready to take a photo. It is the most effective method to launch an excellent third-party camera app.


If you do a lot of recording or want to make voice recordings, you don’t need to go into your phone and launch an app. With the easy to start record lock screen widget you can now do this from your home screen. Just tap the icon in Boom and you’re instantly recorded. This also saves you a lot of time.


Apollo now has a new lock screen widget. In addition to the stock credit application on mobile devices, the Apollo for Reddit app provides a great custom user experience. There are several new features in the app, such as the ability to see your karma count and what’s popular on Reddit. You can also launch the Reddit app directly from this widget. The trending posts on Reddit are displayed in the widget as news.


It contains all the necessary information which supports both Apple Watch and Apple iPhone. They bring these little charts to your lock screen so you can see trend charts in the hourly forecasts in all these cool stuff weather chart great other applications not just the current forecast. They’ve done a fantastic job of incorporating these charts and weather information into your lock screen. It is extremely helpful to only be on at the current weather temperature that occurs.

Other popular ones are Gmail, Facebook, and Chrome, which have some lock screen widgets. I believe these are worth highlighting as the most useful for the majority of people. Tell us in the comments which third-party app is your favorite and which one you prefer.

Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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