There was an error downloading iOS 15.7

Many iPhones do not support iOS 16. That’s insane as many users were eager to try it out on their iPhone. Fortunately, the users with iPhones that are missing the latest version of the iOS 16 update have the new iOS 15.7. Apple has released iOS 15.7 for iOS 16 unsupported iPhone models. But the sad thing is that some users are stuck installing iOS 15.7 because they get the error message “There was an error downloading iOS 15.7”.

We’ve seen a lot of questions about not being able to install the iOS 15.7 update. Since many people were stuck in downloading iOS 15.7 and looking for a solution, we also searched and came up with the perfectly working solutions to eliminate error while downloading iOS 15.7 update. If you are also struggling with the same problem, here we will show you how to fix an error that occurred when downloading iOS 15.7.

How there was an error downloading iOS 15.7

Method #1: Uninstall and Download

  1. Open Settings and go to General -> iPhone Storage.
  2. Look for the iOS 15.7 update file and tap it.
  3. Go for Uninstall update and confirm.
  4. Restart iPhone using the force restart trick.
  5. Return to Settings -> General -> Software Update and restart the iOS 15.7 update process!

Method #2: Check Internet Connection

Since iOS 15.7 is the major update and is coming huge, iPhone needs to be connected to a solid and stable Wi-Fi network to download and install iOS 15.7 update without any problem.

Method 3: Check Storage

One of the users wrote on Twitter that he encountered this iOS 15.7 error that occurred when downloading because he was running out of storage space. After freeing up about 4 GB of space, the error was resolved. Therefore, you need to make sure that your iPhone has enough space to install the IOS 15.7 update.


On the way to the Settings > General > iPhone Storage > iOS 15.7 Update File > Uninstall Update > Restart iPhone > and download again to fix an error that occurred while downloading the ios 15.7 error. This method worked for many users. Did it work for you? Do you know of another working solution? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment box.

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