The ultimate OCR snipping tool on Mac

You’ve probably seen those social media screenshots and videos of people highlighting and extracting text from images. It’s a great way to save time when you want to quote someone or extract useful information from an image. Apple made it easier to do this when it added Live Text to iOS 15 and macOS Monterey last year.

On macOS Monterey, select text and copy/extract by clicking the photos in the Photos app, Safari, and some other apps. However, Live Text has some limitations on macOS, as it only works on photos you select, and it’s only available on macOS Monterey and later.

This means that if you have an old Mac that isn’t compatible with macOS 12 or later, you won’t be able to use this feature. Moreover, it is sometimes annoying to take a screenshot of everything in Safari and open them in Preview to extract text. That’s when TextSniper comes to the rescue.

TextSniper: An Introduction

If you ever needed to extract text from a document, image, video clip, PDF, web page, YouTube video, screencast or screenshot on your Mac in the easiest way, then TextSniper is the only app you need on your Mac.

TextSniper is a Mac app that makes this process much easier. The advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology makes it easy for anyone to extract text from anything they see on their Mac screen – EVERYTHING!

In addition, it is very easy to use. TextSniper has used OCR technology with a screen recording feature in a way that allows users to copy unselected texts directly on the screen. Nevertheless, unlike live text, you don’t need to select texts.

You only need to select the area on the screen as if you were capturing a screen and the available text is automatically copied to the clipboard. Now you can paste it wherever you want.

What makes TextSniper unique?

Well, you might think that there are many such tools on Mac. So here I have mentioned some great features that TextSniper offers so that you can compare it with other tools and make the right choice.

TextSniper Features:

  • It is very fast and no need to upload any photo or file. Everything is similar to screen capture.
  • No internet connection is required.
  • Advanced OCR technology ensures high accuracy in recognizing text. It can even extract text from low-quality images.
  • It supports many recognition languages ​​besides English, including German, Italian, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, and Russian. On macOS 10.5, it only supports English.
  • Convert JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and other popular image formats to text.
  • Copy text from all kinds of files, including copy-protected web pages, non-searchable PDFs, Zoom meetings, and non-copyable eBooks.
  • It’s easier to copy Instagram captions, comments, and tweets.
  • Works in Parallels Desktop with Windows 10 and above.
  • The text-to-speech function reads out the selected text.
  • TextSniper also reads QR codes and barcodes to derive the information available in them.

You may now understand why TextSniper is the best OCR on Mac tool.

TextSniper on Mac: How to use it

It’s so easy to use TextSniper that I don’t think you need a guide or tutorial to do it. However, for novice users, here’s how to get started.

  1. In TextSniper, select “Capture Text” or press CMD + Shift + 2. This will turn on the magic.
  2. Select and create a square box on the text you want to copy on the screen (as we said, any text on the screen). Now all selected text is copied to clipboard immediately.
  3. Now use CMD + V to paste the copied text wherever you want, for example in your notes or chat box.

It’s finished! It’s that easy on a Mac to copy or extract text.


Another great thing about TextSniper is that it is available at very affordable rates.

  • You can purchase one license for one Mac for $7.99.
  • It costs $9.99 for three Macs.
  • $11.99 for an unlimited license; you can buy it from the Mac App Store.

So the price is affordable compared to how useful this tool is.

Final verdict

In my opinion, this is a great snipping tool, and you shouldn’t wait to get it if your work or other interests push you to copy texts from different types of digital files.

Be it a YouTube video, PDFs, web pages, photos or anything on the Mac screen, you can use this magic tool to copy text. So I would recommend TextSniper.

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