The iOS 16 beta previews new contact management features, but the most anticipated is still missing.

There have been a lot of rumors about iOS 16 features over the past few months, and Apple confirmed the seal of confirmation at WWDC 2022 last month by launching the iOS 16 beta.

After iOS 13, I’m really excited about iOS 16 so far, and there are many reasons for that. And these reasons are great features that we will get. Some such features I noticed in the Contacts app.

Apple has improved contact management quite a bit. Nevertheless, one feature we need is still missing.

What new features has iOS 16 brought to Contacts?

Double tap the Contacts icon

Back in the day, when you had to change the settings of which contact numbers should be visible in the contact list, you had to do that in the Settings app.

However, things have recently changed when Apple allowed users to check the various “Groups” of contacts in the top left corner. Now Apple has simplified this process and made it fast.

In iOS 16, you only need to tap the Contacts icon twice and you will see different groups of contacts visible in the app. For example, iCloud contacts, Gmail, SIM, iPhone and others.

You can select or deselect these options according to your preferences.

That’s easy, right?

Duplicate contacts

This is one of the most useful features added to the Contacts app with iOS 16.

Often we have the same phone number stored in different groups. For example, I have my mother’s number stored in iCloud and Gmail. So when she calls me it says “Mama Jio or mama” on the screen.

However, now you will see a “Duplicates Found” option at the top of the Contacts app if there are duplicate contact numbers stored under different names or groups.

You need to select “Found Duplicates” option and you will see all duplicate contacts. Here you can select contacts one by one to merge, or you can tap the “Merge” option directly at the bottom to apply the settings to all duplicate contacts.

If you want to keep the duplicate contacts as they are, you can select the “Ignore” option and you will not see the “Duplicate found” option.

What did Apple miss?

These above mentioned features are good and useful for contact management. Apple has tried to make things better, but there’s one thing that’s still missing: the ability to select multiple contacts to delete them directly on your iPhone.

You can connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac to delete multiple contacts, but you can’t do that directly from your device.

This is really frustrating for users who don’t like using computers to make frequent changes to their phones.

We hope Apple will add this feature in upcoming updates.

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