The Best Twitter Alternatives 2022

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, many users have switched to the app. However, the App Store and Google Play Store are both full of social media apps, but other apps can’t compete with Twitter. Therefore, Mastodon apps have come into the limelight and iPhone users are already looking for the best Mastodon app for iOS.

The non-profit organization launched Mastodon to provide another platform like Twitter and allow users to share thoughts, videos and more independently. Users can set polls and filters for sensitive content on the Mastodon iOS version of the app. Another advantage of this app is that it has no ads for Mastodon app iOS app and people love it.

As people move to this Mastodon app iOS, here are some best Mastodon apps for iOS.

10 Best Mastodon Apps IOS

  1. Mammoth
  2. tusky
  3. Metatext
  4. Honk
  5. Mast
  6. Mercury
  7. Tusky for mastodon
  8. Fedilab
  9. Phone
  10. Tusker

These are some of the best Mastodon apps for IOS. If you want to stop using Twitter, these Mastodon Apps IOS are the best option. You can use these apps for free on your iPhone. The creators of the Mastodon also plan to offer more apps like Mastodon Apps IOS. If you have used the Mastodon app iOS, please share your feedback in the comment box.

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