‘Telegram Premium’ coming this month, CEO Pavel Durov . confirms


Telegram CEO Pavel Durov put all speculation to rest on Friday when he officially announced the premium subscription tier of the popular cross-messaging platform.

Called Telegram Premium, this paid plan goes beyond the current free experience, Durov says. The new premium plan offers subscribers of this plan additional features, speed and resources. It also allows users to support Telegram and join the club that will be the first to receive new features.

According to Durov, users received requests to increase current limits on chats, media and file sizes. Raising the limits, however, would lead to “unmanageable” server and traffic costs. Therefore, the company decided to include Telegram Premium to meet users’ demands for additional storage space and to provide a “no-limits” experience.

“After thinking about it for a while, we realized that the only way to let our most demanding fans get more while keeping our existing features free is to turn those increased limits into a paid option,” he wrote in a statement. message on the Telegram channel.

It is important to note that Telegram Premium has no impact on the experience for its free users as all existing features will remain free and more new features will be added to the platform. Moreover, even users who do not subscribe to Telegram Premium can enjoy some of its benefits.

For example, Free users can view oversized documents, files, media, and stickers sent by Premium users. They can also add Premium comments already pinned to a post to respond in the same way as Premium users.

While the platform has successfully experimented with privacy-focused advertising in public one-to-many channels, Telegram’s founder has decided that the app should be funded primarily by its users, not advertisers, to ensure long-term use. term support.

While Telegram Premium is expected to launch later this month, there is no clarity about the additional features and costs of the paid model.

However, previously leaked reports suggest that Telegram Premium could cost $4.99 per month and include 4GB file upload, faster download, speech-to-text transcription, zero ads, premium stickers, animated profile pictures and more.

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