Smart Contact Lenses Could Be Faster Than You Expect

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It seems that AR-powered smart contact lenses may be closer than you might expect. Many tech companies have been developing different types of contact lenses for years. With that, the AR-powered contact lenses are tasked with correcting users’ vision and providing a host of AR features that will soon be commercially available for the masses to use.

Smart lenses with AR

Mojo Vision smart lens

Mojo Vision has been working on its AR-powered contact lens application for a while now. The Mojo Lens was first introduced in 2020 and recently the tech giant demonstrated a prototype of the Artificial Reality contact lens called Mojo Lens.

According to the reports, the Mojo Lens is a smart AR-powered contact lens that can display data including but not limited to sports competitions, health information, weather information and more as it ventures into the augmented reality world.

About the display technology, Mojo Lens uses a high-density monochrome MicroLED display that is the size of a grain of sand to display all the content on the lens that the user can consume.

Mojo lens

Mojo Lens also uses a scleral lens that corrects the user’s vision, which is another part of the technology Mojo Vision is working on. According to the latest update, Mojo Vision is looking for volunteers to test the Mojo Lens prototype before it can be sold commercially. According to the timeline, the tech giant is expected to roll out these smart contact lenses as early as next year, though this is yet to be confirmed.

However, these are not the only AR contact lenses as there are other companies working on them as well. InWithCorp showed its soft and smart contact lens at CES 2022 that brings advanced autofocus technology on board to correct the user’s eyesight. Apart from that, there are other possibilities that the onboard smart contact lens can offer.

In any case, smart contact lenses are still a bit out of place and the technology is still evolving. That said, with the evolution of AR applications, it could be faster than you can certainly expect.

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