Sideload apps to iOS 15, iOS 16, or iOS 14

A few years ago, people jailbreak their iPhone or iPad to break Apple’s rules and install third-party apps or games or restricted apps. It also helps them to use some out-of-the-box features on iOS devices. But Apple has become so strict in recent years because there is no way to jailbreak the newer iPhone or iOS. However, iOS geeks are looking for a way to sideload apps on iOS.

Since Apple doesn’t allow malicious apps or adult games in the App Store, many developers have found the loophole to sideload apps on iOS devices without warning Apple. Whether you want to install a tweaked app or an Apple-restricted app, with the help of our guide, you can sideload the app on iPhone without any problem.

While the internet is full of third-party apps and websites to load iOS IPA on iPhone or iPad to sideload any app or game on IOS, we prefer to use the most popular and safest way to sideload any app to iPhone via AltStore. AltStore is the best app to sideload apps to iOS device without jailbreak. It is also considered to be the best sideload app for iOS in 2022. Without further ado, let’s jump to the guide.

Disclaimer: As a true Apple information blog, we do not promote or encourage the use of any third-party apps or games on iPhones as Apple has a strict policy. This article is for informational purposes only.

Sideload app to iOS 15, iOS 16 or iOS 14

Remark: Before you get started, make sure iCloud is set up on your Mac or install the iCloud desktop client and iTunes if you’re using a Windows PC.

  1. Navigate to using your computer’s web browser.
  2. Download and install AltServer.
  3. Continue with the installation after extracting the downloaded file.
  4. To get iCloud quickly, simply click “Download”.
  5. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable and launch iTunes if you are using Windows. Suppose you are using Mac, launch Finder.
  6. To view the overview page, click the device icon.
  7. Check the “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” box.
  8. Click the AltStore icon, select “Install AltStore” from the drop-down menu, and then click your iPhone or iPad connected to the computer.
  9. To proceed with the installation, you will be prompted to sign in with your Apple account.
  10. After entering the details, click on ‘Install’.
  11. AltStore should be installed on your device in seconds.
  12. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings -> General, then tap Profiles & Device Manager.
  13. Tap the email address you used to install AltStore.
  14. Now tap on “Trust” to continue.
  15. When prompted to confirm, tap “Trust” again. You should now be able to open AltStore without any problems.
  16. After installing the app, you can launch any app and sideload it to the iOS device.

For example, you can use AltStore on your iPhone or iPad to sideload apps to iOS devices without jailbreaking the device.


AltStore is the best and easiest way to sideload apps to iOS devices without any hassle. I hope it worked for you. Did you enjoy the guide? Need more tips? Don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comment box.

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